lymphnode involvement

Dear All,

Is there anyone out there with the expereince of lymphnode involvement?

I would so love to hear from you. I need a masectomy which I am fine about and would love this to be the end of the story but since I heard that there are microscopic amounts of cancerous cells in my first node I am completely freaked out and feel this is sooo much worse than just cancerous cells in the breast.

I was able to control my fears reasonably well until this news. With every appointment the news got worse and now I am dreading that they may find more than one lymphnode involved. What does it mean a microscopic amount. Is that good news? Or bad?

I think that I asked this question on a second thread now and hope you dont mind me going on in my panic.

Looking forward to hearing from any of you

Hi sabhope,

Please don’t panic! Lots of us had lymph node involvement. The nodes act like filters to stop the cancer cells from spreading. I had macro deposit in one sentinel node and went on to have a node clearance. I did not have chemotherapy, but radiotherapy and hormone therapy. It really isn’t the end of the world and all will be done to get you back to health. I’m sure other ladies will be on to reassure you as well. Hope this helps you to feel a bit calmer, though I know how hard that is when you are first going through this journey. It will get easier when you know what your treatment is to be. Try to keep yourself occupied as much as possible and rest over the weekend.  Take care xx Lily

Hi sabhope


i had mastectomy in April. My sentinel node had macro deposit of 2mm. If it had been a tiny bit smaller it would have been considered negative (I don’t really understand why, but that’s what I was told!). I then went back for node clearance. Nine nodes were taken out and all were clear. I didn’t need chemo or radiotherapy. Now I’m on hormone treatment (anastrazole) for 5 years and then maybe 5 more. I’m sure you’ll be fine - bit of a damn nuisance though! Lots of love Debbie

I understand what you are going through. I have just had a lumpectomy and lymph node clearance. They found cancer in 12 of the 21 nodes which was a massive shock to me. I am waiting for another CT scan now to check that the cancer hasn’t spread. If the scan is ok I am due to start chemo 4 Nov. I get the results on 3 Nov and the waiting is a real struggle. I’m trying to stay positive but don’t manage it all the time. 

I keep looking for stories from people in  a similar position.


Hello and welcome.
This journey is always a hard one …especially waiting for results and scans etc.
Chemo is a standard course to mop up any cells that might be in the lymphnodes and probably a course of hormone therapy for a few years will follow.
In the meantime get your questions and fears listed to ask when you see the oncologist or even try to sit with the breast care nurse and chat.
Until then …try to keep calm and focus on something nice each day .
Carolyn xxxx

Dear All,

I thank you all for your comforting replies. Djroo, I will be thinking of you on your journey. Do let us know how you get on and I wish with all my heart that your lymphnodes have done their job to protect the rest of your body. I heard that there are about 30 nodes?

I told my two teenage boys yesterday who have already lost their father 4 years ago. They were amazing! They were more able to use the cancer word than me. You se I must get well to be  able to ook after them.

I do have a loving and caring partner but ehy do need a parent!

With thanks and bet wishes to you all!