Lymphodemia n is it an infection??

Hi all I cud do with sum advice. Iv had lymphodemia in my breast for a few months but just recently my arm has been swelling Today my arm is uncomfortable heavy n th most swollen it’s been spoke t my lymphodemia nurse only see her once a month now. But she said it cud b infected it’s nog red but I had a dodgy stomach yestoday n for a couple of days iv been getting hot flushes day and night Tht it was mabe hormonal. Didn’t think I was in menopause but cud b I’m 46. But wondering if it’s an infection without any cuts and if thers anything I can do wil go t doctors tmoro but they dont normally kno about lymphodemia Rozita


Just sorry I can’t help you - and no-one else has yet - did you get to the docs? Or ring the helpline here?
Fingers crossed you are getting sorted


Thnx sue no I havnt gone its not red or hot do guess it’s just gone to my armnowas well but was quite quick. Not too great with Xmas dresses will hav t see what happens Rozita