Lymphodoema and broken wrist.


Just wanted to post this for reference in case it happens to anyone else- although I hope it doesnt.

7 weeks ago I broke my wrist where I have mild lympho. Luckily I had my sleeve on and I immediately got my husband to wrap my arm in a cold wet tea towel and kept it as raised as the pain would let me. ( I knew it was broken because I wanted to vomit everywhere). This stopped it all swelling too much.
I told the nurse at a and e I had lympho and she carefully peeled my sleeve off to examine me, got me into x ray as quickly as possible. They decided that as it was not a bad break and because of the lympho they would not operate. So I got a cast and was sent home.

It was really painful because they did not put the cast on tightly in case of more swelling, so I went back the next day for a tighter cast. I tried to get it all moving as quickly as possible, but found that the top of my arm and trunk def became more swollen so I did daily sld on every part I could. My Lympho nurse advised me that the break would prob make the swelling worse when the cast came off.I had regular x rays to check it was healing correctly, but was told having had chemo it would take a long time.

The cast came off after 5 and a half weeks ( because I was going on holiday) and I got an extra large splint to support it when I wanted it. I used it on and off for a week and wore my sleeve all day. My nurse said I could go and be fitted for a new sleeve if my arm had got bigger after the cast came off, but so far it seems to be no bigger, except slightly around the wrist. I do have some pain with certain movements, but nothing major. Will update this if anything changes.

I just wanted to post this as when it happened I completely panicked and thought I had completely blown it with my arm. So I thought a post charting what happened might be useful for someone else if it happens to them. Of course all breaks are different but it doesnt have to be a disaster.


That’s good to know Midge. Poor you. What bad luck!

Hi Midge

That’s weird - the same thing happened to me. I broke my wrist in my lympho arm at Christmas and like you thought the sky would fall in.

As it turned out, I didn’t have any swelling, though at my next lympho appt, my arm measured bigger. One thing that I have found very helpful for the stiffness and pain in the wrist is a ‘Back on Track’ wrist band. This is a black elasticated wrist band cointaining (I think) ceramic which warms as you move around and keeps the wrist very mobile and pain-free.

I wear mine with and without my lymphodema sleeve and it has really helped (I am a dog groomer so I use my wrist all the time, so it was a very good result for me.)

Thanks Fever,i will have a look at those. Glad your arm didn’t react too badly either.