Lymphoedema and excercise.

I have mild lymphoedema in my left arm and wear a sleeve most of the time. I have eventually started going back to the gym and am unsure as to which excercises I should do or avoid. I’ve tried googling but keep finding contradictory advice. The staff at the gym don’t know either. So far I stick to the bike and treadmill and a couple of classes a week but it gets rather boring. It’s taken me a while to get back into the gym so don’t want to loose momentum. Any advice would be appreciated.

hi cadi
stuff that gets your arms moving is good, especially if you’re ok about wearing the sleeve to exercise
not sure about the circuits machines tho - i’m thinking more of the classes, & a friend of mine’s had fab results from zumba!!
swimming’s also good, but anything aerobic thaat gets the blood (& lymph) pumping is good
if there’s a physio attached to your bcc you could check with them about the weights equipment - i just wonder whether that might put too much strain on your arms?
& keeping up with the specific stretches you should have been taught is also good
well done though - i’m v impressed (all this advice is ‘do as i say not as i do’, of course!)