Lymphoedema and Tendonitis

Hi all

I was diagnosed with lymphoedema a few weeks ago, I now have severe pain in my wrist and GP advised it was tendonitis due to the swelling in my arm/wrist pressing on the tendons. She also advised just to take ibuprofen and it will ease once I get fitted with my sleeve. Has anyone else experienced this as it is really painful and really fed up with it all.



Hi Jean,

I think that you should contact your BCN and ask her to show you the movements for draining the lymph away. If she is not trained then she should refer you to someone who is. There is a lot you can do to help if someone will show you how.


hi i have a really bad pain in my wrist and thumb and really sorry but it was my check up today at the clinic and she thinks its more likely to be RSI or something similar and not related to my lymphodema. on plus side my arm swelling has gone down a lot to the point where im trialing not wearing the sleeve for 6 months on the advice of the nurse, yippeee

That is such good news and I am so pleased for you.


Hi Jean

I was wondering if you got anywhere with your problem? I have recently been diagnosed with mild lymphodema but my main symptom apart from very slight swelling was pain above my wrist.

Lisa - It was very encouraging to read a positive story of trialling without a sleeve for 6 months.