Lymphoedema - homepathic remedy?

Lymphoedema - homepathic remedy?

Lymphoedema - homepathic remedy? I have just come back from an appointment at my homeopathic hospital and was told about a case that my consultant recently had who had been suffering with gross lymphoedema for years. Other treatments for the condition had not had any significant effect.

She was prescribed a remedy which is supposed to help the lymph system and the consultant said that she was amazed at the effect that this seems to be having on swelling, which has very visibly and dramatically decreased.

I am not saying it will necessarily work and nor does the consultant who I trust (Dr Kassab who in fact is the chief complementary cancer consultant at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital) but I will be giving it a go for the mild lymphodema that I have and as far as I’m concerned, it can’t do any harm!.

It’s been prescribed to me as Apis Mellifica 30c Bufo Rana 30c in case anyone is interested in pursuing with a qualified homeopath.


Bees, frogs & toads Did Dr Kassab say where these remedies come from? Apis Mellifica is a honeybee, Bufo, latin for toad and Rana is latin for frog.

Anyway, I hope it works for you. I get mild lymphoedema after decorating, but I’m using it as an excuse to get the males in my household to do it instead of me.

At the end of last year there was quite a lot of stuff in the press rubbishing homeopathy, but my view is that if conventional medicine fails you, you’ve nothing to lose by trying complementary therapies.

Daphne Uhmmmm… if I start buzzing and jumping around then I might start to reconsider (though the exercise would be good for me!).

She didn’t tell me where this remedy stuff comes from, but I didn’t see anyone grinding up small animals in the pharmacy!

I know of the scepticism and recent publicity with homeopathic remedies and regard myself as healthy sceptical, but open minded. I went to a Rudolf Steiner school which used some of the treatments and slapped arnica cream on every bruise.

When I got bc, I was persuaded by people connected to the school to try Iscador (not a homeopathic remedy as such), as it was invented by Rudolf Steiner himself, so I’m giving it a go and that’s why I attend the hospital.

I’m being treated totally conventionally for bc and have been accepted into a proper lymphodema clinic, so these are just a complementary treatments that may or may not work. Nothing to lose as you say.


—Steiner —Hi
Which Steiner school did you go to ? A friend of mine teaches at one in the UK.

— Hi Roberta,
Any idea where you can get this magic potion? It certainly sounds worth trying. I googled it but found nothing on the internet.

—website for Iscador —Hi
The site you want is

Lymph I had quite severe lymphoedema, but it was on my chest and also breast. I went to see a qualified therapist for manual lymphatic drainage at my local hospital, and after several sessions found it very useful.
I think its important to understand why you get lymphoedema, and there is a lot of info. on the web about this. Basically, when lymph nodes are removed, or there is surgery followed by scarring, the normal drainage route for lymphatic fluid becomes blocked and builds up causing the swelling of the tisses. The only way to reduce this is to encourage it to drain via a different route - hence the manual lymphatic drainage.
I do use a lot of alternative remedies including arnica, tea tree, aloe vera and a host of others, and I also took grape seed extract during radiotherapy, but I can’t honestly see how a remedy taken internally can help in this instance.

Be Careful! I have just done a Google on the ingredients, and am surprised to say the least:

I think given that we are all cancer patients, it would be worth checking with your Onc. before taking this.

Roberta I have also been prescribed the remedy from Sosie Kassab at the RLHH.

Let’s hope it works for us…


ps Have you noticed any effect as yet?