Video and leaflets to print for arm exercises etc and I have it round the back.

The nice lady told me to buy a wallpaper roller soft with sponge on for walls a small one.

Then put cream on free off gp AVEENO or others and roll down over. It’s hard to do because my right arm is knackered after right mastectomy.

But she’s also ordered me a ? vest in medium to smooth the skin and massage it. 

I was sent by my GP hospital nurse staff didn’t recognise this condition and haematoma either.

Just that my right arm wasn’t able to move.

So I feel I have a chance now the right professionals are working on my body.

I want it back to a size 08 lean mean fighting machine.

If I hadn’t been fit going into this cancer :cancer: s*** show I don’t think I would of survived the pneumonia for starters.

I’m going to a proper fitting for the vest with the qualified LYMPHOEDEMA nurse soon have the appointment. 

As for the right breast amputation. Well to say the prosthetic promised was a disappointment an understatement.

Fitting was in a dark windowless cupboard the item was an ancient too heavy useless item. That made me , but then I went back to M&S.

Great stuff I actually found a pink ? and black sexy ones which are spot on. With a Mastectomy you need lace in the middle or if you had a V neck on people and you would be looking down onto your shoes.

I looked at the label :label: when I got the extra one in the post. Guess what it had BREAST CARE NOW on the M&S label good show.

After the Hattie Jacques wrong sized bra given to me in the :hospital: cupboard, in the dark. 

The lady in M&S had me in a large bright room and was so helpful.

Plus I didn’t need to have safety harness straps on it to take the weight of the huge wrong sized item given to me in the hospital junk cupboard.

I would if ended up with a bad back with that.

So now thanks to M&S and Breast care now Collab I can face the Summer and dresses with a bit more confidence instead of hibernating 


Thank you for sharing that info .Your first fitting sounds awful , although your description did make me smile - the Hattie Jacques size would fit me actually !! 
im glad you found something nice from M and S .