Lymphoedema - should I go for another appointment?

I noticed my arm was swollen about two months ago now. I saw my consultant who referred me to Professor Mortimer at The Marsden. However, the Prof was off on long term sick so instead I saw a Breast Care nurse at another hospital who has an interest in lymphoedema. She diagnosed lymphoedema and gave me a sleeve. I’ve also had two sessions of MLD.

Today I got a call from Prof Mortimer’s secretary to say he was back at work and did I still want to see him? Part of me thinks I should as he is a doctor who’s an expert in this area but then I’m worried I may be wasting his time.

Can anyone advise me as to what they would do?!
Thank you

Hi Hattie

It can’t do any harm to get the best medical opinion available. Professor Mortimer is one of the leading authorities on lymphoedema in the UK and if I were you I would seize this opportunity for a consultation with him with both hands! He takes from referrals from all over the country and I’ve heard that some people have had to wait 18 months and fight tooth and nail for a referral for an NHS appointment with him.

Best wishes


That’s right - Professor Mortimer is one of the very few medics who has an interest in lymphoedema, and he’s a big name in field. If I were you I would certainly take the chance to see him. If you have lymphoedema you will need long term support and follow up either with him or someone else. Take this opportunity, it may be that after the first appointment one of the specialist nurses sees you anyway, either at the Marsden or the hospital that you have been to. Good luck. Sarah.