Lymphoedema with shingles

Just my luck - a year after losing all my lymph nodes I get shingles in the same arm. At least, that’s what the GP says it is, but I can’t see any blisters - maybe only a couple. My arm is now red and swollen and hot - worried it’s cellulitis but I have no cuts or grazes. Has anyone any experience of shingles in the ‘bad’ arm?

Hi Katieo

I think I’m right in saying that you can get cellulitis without having had any cuts or grazes and that you can also get a rash with it.

Can I suggest you go to:
(This is on the website of the Lymphoedema Support Network)

and print off a copy and go back to your GP with it? Your GP might be more familiar with shingles than cellulitis…If it IS cellulitis, it needs prompt treatment with anti-biotics.

Also http://www dot stepup-speakout dot org slash Emergencies_and_Medical_Care_lymphedema dot htm (sorry, not allowed to post this particular link any other way) contains useful info’ and guidelines for medical personnel.

Hoping it turns out to be the lesser of the two evils (whichever that might be).



I am sure that shingles doesn’t cause a lot of swelling and redness. This sounds much more like a bacterial infection, like Bahons said, possibly cellulitis. Please see someone ASAP for a second opinion. Shingles rash are like little blisters filled with fluid, like chickenpox. Normally, there is a lot of pain because of the inflamed nerves but not lots of swelling.

I had shingles last year, patch of it on my back, very itchy but never swollen. I’ve laso had two bouts od cellulitis in last 6 months, first time I had no cuts, grazes or anything obvious, second time I’d cut my finger. I know I’m no expert but sounds more like an infection than shingles. Best to get it checked out. Just seen date, maybe you already have good luck anyway.

Take care x

I have just posted this on another thread about Shingles. They thought I had Shingles on my Lymphoedema arm while I was having Chemo. Just one of the doctors felt the spots didn’t look like Shingles spots and It turned out to be Cellulitis. I had to have Intravenous Antibiotics so I would keep a close eye on it.
Hope you are ok xx