Lymphovascular Invasion


I haven’t been on here for ages but something has been bugging me so thought I should post a question :slight_smile:

I was diagnosed in October, had 6 rounds of chemo and then lumpectomy and nodes clearance. Unfortunately they didn’t get clear margins as there was signs of lymphovasular invasion in the margin. So I had a mastectomy three weeks ago. The histology report showed extensive lymphovascular invasion throughout the Breast so having radiotherapy after. When I speak face to face with my surgeon and oncologist they don’t seem overly concerned about the LVI, just said that it means that it could spread to the lymph nodes…which it did hence the ANC.

But when I receive my letters to my GP that get copied to me, it sounds a lot more serious and Ive started panicking. Anyone had this and can put my mind at ease? Or is it as bad as I think??

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dont think i will be much help but i had lymphovascular invation 4+yrs ago but clear nodes…i also did not get clear margins so had a second op to get clear margins…my oncoligist never mention lvi it was sometime later when i got a copy of the lab reports via my docs i was in great shock as i didntnt even know i had lvi i hadnt been told!when i next saw my oncoligist he explained they wasnt really concerned with lvi,he explained it meant the tumour had its own blood supply and ‘maybe’ cells had started to escape…but added that was why i had chemo to blast any cells if they had  managed to escape.x

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You may find the LVI information in the BCC booklet ‘Understanding your pathology report’ helpful, please also feel free to call our helpliners to talk any queries or concerns through on 0808 800 6000. Lines open 9-5 weekdays and Sat 10-2

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I am newbie to this site. Your thread caught my sight. I have found out on my own investigation that i have Lymphovascular Invasion too, i have read my histology report( nobody has explained any of it to me ) i am very worried about it, it sounds serious doesn’t it ?


Have you googled about it?


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I have googled, the only thing I have googled since diagnosis! And tbh there wasn’t actually anything that scary out there about it. In other cancers it has a bearing on prognosis but not Breast cancer apparently! So Google actually put my mind at ease really! X