Lymphovasular invasion positive

Hi, i am new to this forum and have Just resently been diagnosed with breast cancer. My biopsy report shows LVI identified. After reading Reading up on it , it says it has a bad prognosis. I am freaking out right now. Should i be worried . I meet the oncologist for the first time next week.  My tumor size is 1.2cm and i am positive the both hormone receptors bit still waiting for the FISH  result . Any advice would be sincerely welcomed . Thanks 

Okere Sorry you find yourself on here but glad you’ve reached out to breast cancer now :two_women_holding_hands: please step away from dr Google, do please use the number on here and speak to a nurse Each case is different and there are new drugs and trials changing treatment outcomes all the time. I remember reading about vascular invasion when that was on my notes, so thought right I’ll research that proper thought just like you, when I spoke to my team they said don’t worry about that, I did have 6 rounds of chemo (because I was tnbc) so automatically chemo and I believed the chemo would :boxing_glove: :boxing_glove: :boxing_glove: anything that was possibly still trying to have a jolly round my body. I don’t know if this might help you in any small way, but I just didn’t want to not reply :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx