M.E / C.F.S

I suffer from M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have just had my first FEC chemo session.Feel absolutely knackered… Is there anyone else out there who has had same/similar treatment and suffers with M.E with any ideas on how best to alleviate some symptoms??

Hi Marian1,

I suffer from MS which has similarities, and I had 4 x FEC which knocked me for six for a week each time. I just rested, watched daytime TV and went to bed whenever I felt the need - often several times a day. I just accepted that I wouldn’t be able to do anything that week. Luckily I had plenty of people around me to help out (don’t know your situation). Interestingly, overall (I finished treatment a month ago) my condition has improved - my balance is better and I can walk much further than I could before cancer treatment! And I have had no relapses which I was concerned about.