Has anyone tried a Macrobiotic diet ? I have read alot about people clearing themselves of cancer while on this diet.
I am 3 month post Rads and my health anxiety is getting worse, I worry about every ache and pain. I have never been a Hypocondriac but I think Im am turning into one and would like to give my body the best chance and so I am considering this diet.
What does anyone think ?

Hi Andrea

I don’t know a great deal about the macrobiotic diet except that its basically pulses, rice etc and avoids processed foods? I think you have two questions here to answer. Firstly, is the macrobiotic diet healthy? I would say that any diet that is extreme, ie cuts out or drastically reduces any of the major food groups such as fats should be only be undertaken with strict supervision by a qualified dietician or nutritional therapist. I am all for cutting out processed foods - they are of no use and if you ate lots of rice and pulses with vegetables, fruit and lean meat, fish etc that would be a wonderful diet. The second question is a change in diet enough to clear cancer? That is very controversial as it would depend very much on a miriad of variables such as what type of cancer, what grade and stage, the age and general health of the person etc. my personal opinion and it is just that, would be to have the conventional treatment and supplement it with a healthy diet. As you have had your treatment, I think boosting your immune system by alternative therapies may be worth investigating but be aware that they are not always regulated - thats my concern so do check them out first.