Magnets in my Ears

Magnets in my Ears

Magnets in my Ears I had magnets fitted in my ears last week to help me give up smoking.
Day 8
Still no ciggies.
Had my ear magnets replaced today (they only last a week)
The idea is I can press the magnets which are positioned over acupunture points to help suppress cravings.
When things get really bad I can just stick my fingers in both ears and scream.
Can be alarming to anyone else who happens to be shopping in Tescos but I am sure it will get easier.

Where do you get them? I have a friend who is desparate to give up smoking and is interested in this. It wouldbe great to know how she goes about getting them.

Phoebe The magnets were put in by our ‘Holistic Centre’ which is attached to the hospital.
They are doing great work at the moment with auricular acupunture.
I am not saying the magnets are magically kicking the fags into touch.
The hard work is the will power - the magnets are my comforters, my friends, my reminders and when I stick my fingers in my ears and scream - my kids scream back ‘We love you Mum’

Thanks I’ll pass that on - but not sure if we have anything similar around here. And whether she will have the super support that you are getting from your kids!

Ear magnets Hi Phoebe
Any qulaified acupuncturist should be able to do this for your friend for a minimum cost - I am an acupuncturist & do reduced rates for this kind of thing.
Typically to do an ear acupuncture session to give up smoking (30-45 minutes) and place an ear seed (ear magnet) should cost around £30 - £35 depending where in the country you are. (Cheaper than one weeks fags!)
The ear seed may need to be replaced after a few days as it may come off in the shower but only takes minutes.
Suggest your friend looks on the British Acupuncture Website for a fully qualified & insured practitioner in her area.
Good luck!

Acupuncture for weight loss? I am currently undergoing acupuncture to try to alleviate hot flushes (electro-needles in the lower back) with some small success so far. This thread is about auricular acupuncture being successful for addiction, and the doctor who does my acupuncture told me that is the most successful of his treatments.

After reading this thread I am just now wondering whether perhaps similar treatment might also help me to lose weight. (I am probably about 100% overweight, and now starting to try to lose at least 3 stones in order to be accepted for plastic surgery - not to mention helping to relieve pressure on my painful knee joints.) Does anyone have any experience of this?

No good for fatties Spoke to my acupuncture doctor today. Unfortunately he said it simply will not work as an aid to dieting! So bang goes my hope of independent support. Meanwhile I have a new set of scales which stubbornly refuses to register lower weight. I am thinking of taking it back to the shop as faulty!.