I was diagnosed with stage 3 aggressive invasive breast cancer this time last year. I had surgery in January to remove the lump and 2 lymph nodes. All is going well, but I still have the visible ‘bruising’ signs of the magtrace and it is really starting to get me down. Any tips on what I can do to get rid of it or how long it will last. Thank you


I confess I had to Google ‘magtrace’. It sounds like an exciting new development which might remove the problem of invisible nodes (I had full axillary clearance but a recent CT scan referred to 3 small lymph nodes - survivors or left behind? Who knows?). It was only endorsed by NICE in June so you were really ahead of the game. But, 11 months on, you shouldn’t be troubled by this. 

When anything is concerning you about your treatment, you really need to contact your breast care nurse, by email or phone. At least then you’ll get proper advice and it will be noted in your records. They are available to you at any time following treatment, even years later. If they aren’t responsive (they are so short-staffed now), I would recommend calling the nurses at the number above. They offer a wonderful service and really know their stuff. 

Hope you find an answer xx