Major Docetaxel Panic - hair regrowth


I have had 2 X EC with cold cap and have lost a distressing amount of hair. I’m so down about it and I’m having horrible, crippling anxiety because I’m so scared of permanent hair loss after Docetaxel which I’m due to have 3 of after I’ve finished my next and last EC. I don’t know whether to cut my hair shorter, at the moment I have reasonable coverage but it very much feels like it’s on its way off. I’ve heard cold cap helped with regrowth after Docetaxel - does anyone have any success stories with this?  I know someone who hasn’t had her hair grow back 2 years after finishing Docetaxel and I can’t bear the thought of it. Having looked online it seems it’s more common than the oncologists like to say.

Did anyone out there have Docetaxel in small doses weekly rather than 3 weekly and what were your experiences, hair-wise?

Any wisdom related to Docetaxel and alternatives would be greatly appreciated. I’m having a meltdown.

Thanks a million and sorry for the negativity. I know everyone on here is having a tough time.

Loz x

Loz123 :heart: I know the Oct17 gangs hair started growing back on docetaxol but it did finish off any brows and lashes that clung on through ec. When you’ve finished chemo and rads if you are having rads, sunnyisle extra dark Jamaican black castor oil rub it into scalp then wash hair with lush new bar a red dot if they still do it or aloecin caffeine shampoo, this is what a lot of us used with great results to get hair back post chemo :heart:hope that helps :heart:??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi there @Loz123 

I had exactly the same chemo program as you, and had my final Docetaxel exactly 12 months ago. 
My experience was similar to others in my group in that my hair started to grow back around 5 weeks after the last treatment. It took 2-3 months until I had reasonable all over cover, which looked fine- at least I thought so! I didn’t use a wig at all, but got really fed up with hats, bandanas etc, so I wished I’d considered a wig. 

I didn’t come across anyone whose hair failed to grow back, and no-one mentioned it as a possibility. 

I had permanent makeup treatment for my eyebrows at that time, which was really successful and gave me such a boost. 
Sending love and best wishes for your final weeks of treatment. XX

Thank you :heart::heart: