Making my own mastectomy Bra

I just thought I’d share this with you ladies as you’ve all been so nice over the last few months.

One of my best friends runs an online business selling all the bits you need to make your own corset and I just had a chat with her bemoaning the state of mastectomy Bra’s out there and it turns out they’ve just started stocking all the bits you need to make your own bra. She’s still updating the website as it’s a new area for them but I’m fed up with the choices that are out there so am going to dive in an have a go.

Once I’ve got the bra right I’m going to make a corset that can hold my prosthetics too. Why shouldn’t we be glamourous.

Anyway if anyone else feels like it’s worth a go (The only sewing I’ve done to date is curtains BTW) the google for venacavadesign

They’re really nice and I just explained what the problems are so if you want to have a go Liz will help you get the bits you need.

wow that’s really nice, Angie.
Thanks! I’m off to look