Making soap for cancer

Hi everyone I’m a newbie here , I’ve just had a mastectomy 3 months ago 5 lymph nodes removal and just about to start hormonal treatment, I’ve had grade 2 breast cancer , and at Christmas I’ve just had the wonderful news I’m now cancer free ? so now I’m going to make soap for cancer I want to give something back and try and raise as much money as I can also I’m going back to the ward I was on and I’m going to give soaps out as gifts to help them feel a little better while having there operations all my soaps are made out of goats milk and honey soap so all safe and natural to use , the soaps are all made into flowers ? and hearts and cupcakes and honey cones so I hope they will sell , hope you all like my idea for my fundraiser 

Hi Rosie,


Good to hear that you are doing well post diagnosis and treatment. This is a lovely idea and I wish you all the best xx