Making treatment decisions

Hello is there anybody out there who like me has a great non judgmental team at the hospital who accept your own  treatment decisions?

I was diagnosed with a grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma in October, I had a wide local excision in December - there was no lymph node involvement. The cancer was bigger 3.6cm than expected and although all the margins were clear the smallest was only 2.5mm, there was also some lymph vessel involvement inside the tumor and the in situ part of the tumor was advanced.

The MDT meeting recommended radiotherapy, 5 years Anastrozol and a discussion on chemo.

The improvement in survival offered in my case by chemo was minimal, so there was no issue on declining the chemo and trauma it brings. I am also not going to take Anastrozol as I am more concerned about osteoporosis than the possibility of secondary cancer.

Now the big decision what to do about Radiotherapy,aparently I’m at a higher risk of local recurance - I’ve read loads of papers and many of you posts and although the benefits are clear it is still very damaging to the healthy cells in the breast, with possible longer tem side effects.

I’d really appreciate some support it’s been hard making all these decisions alone.


Hello mihands

Whilst waiting for replies to your post maybe you would like to give our free helpline a call where the staff can offer practical information as well as emotional support.  The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes

June, moderator