Mamagram and Scans?

I have joined “bone mets” topics but so many to read so I apologise if this has already been discussed.


I was diagnosed primary breast cancer and bone secondaries to my manubrium (part of sternum) right pelvis and right humerous in one go out the blue last October. But my scans are every 4 months as a CT and my arms and legs are out of the scanner. So my question is how does anyone know if other areas of bone are effected if this is how I am imaged each time. Also I am interested to know what type of scans other people have to keep an eye on this and does anyone know why?



Plus do I or should I have yearly mamograms as when I brought this up with my consultant he said any changes would be picked up on my CT Scan (my primary is still in situ). Yet I read people talk about mamagrams on here, even my sister apparently due to my situation now gets yearly mamagrams. Unfortunately for me my lump is still I situ and self examining is a frightening and anxious experience for me when I think I’m feeling it (even though to be fair the breast consultant also couldn’t initially feel it) If I missed one lump once I may miss others. 


Any advice would be great as I find areas and hospitals seem to be different. 

Rachel xx

Hi Rachel

Regarding scans I only have CT scans of torso like you. I have mentioned it quite a few times over my 10 years with bone mets.  I was told if the torso is stable other bones elsewhere should  be as well. Mind you never know it could all down to cost. 

Regarding mammograms not had one since 2012 when I started to get CT scans. 

I know it is very worrying when you first get diagnosed I was back in 2009. 


Hi Rach, trying to get my head around your CT scan picture. I have mine every 12, then 16 weeks, with contrast (  radioactive blue stuff) and I have to hold my arms above my head as I’m slid in and out of the machine. So I’m pretty sure a full picture is taken of torso and abdomen . As bone mets are so painful I’m thinking continuous pain would be an indicator, as are the psi blood count. If you’re worried then you need an open discussion with your Onco. My mammograms stopped after my first one after surgery as I was diagnosed with mets and the continuing CT scans would show new tumours and / mets. I’m on an open appointment which means I can phone at anytime for a consultation with the surgery team. Hope this helps. X

I wondered also about my arms and legs.  I have bone mets skull pelvic hip sternum and dotted down my spine.  Diagnosed SBC 2017.  I had pain down my leg and pins and needles.  My oncologist arranged a head to toe MRI it took an hour and twenty minutes.