Hope everyone had  lovely Christmas & looking forward to the New Year.


Is anyone else taking part in the Mammo-50 research trial. It would be nice to know of any other ladies taking part.

Hi. I’ve just joined the research programme (after my third screening post-surgery.). I’m on the two year screening now, and am hoping it won’t cause more anxiety not having a mammogram next year!  When diagnosed initially I had had a clear mammogram about 8 months previously and wasn’t due for another 2+ years - so I don’t think mammograms are the entire answer and are only as good as the day it is taken.  I found the lump myself, 3 months after I had surgery to remove a (benign) breast lipoma which involved lots of scans and examinations.  I examine myself regularly and have a good GP and surgeon so I’m hoping for the best!


Hope you are still doing okay.

I’ve just joined the Mammo-50 trial after three years clear following WLE and RT. I’m assigned to the group for annual mammograms for the next 6 years but wouldn’t have minded being in the other group - less radiation and less ‘squashing’!!