mammo today

mammo today

mammo today OH well after not sleeping dreading the day for my first mammograme, I finaly got it done today, I now have to wait for results, is it me or am i just wimpy when it comes to boob area but, god i was crying like a baby when i got out.
But I managed to get the radiographer to diclose a bit more info than I expected.
She had a student training so was giving a good talk about what to look for, they were out doing pics for ages so when they came back I asked was there a problem , she said no , so I said what took so long and she explained that she had to take the student through the results of mammo.

So I asked when I would be notified about any changes, as I had already had a copy of last mammo so threw a few medical words at her and told her that I have been asked to undergo uplift surgery on what should be a healthy breast, and if there were changes this may effect my decison on surgery,
and then when I said I did undrestand a lot more about breast tissue than is probably norm, so if there were more calcifications than last time I would like to know, to which she replied I can only comment on the ones I have checked, not from your previous mammo.
I know its wrong to want to know asap but, thats me need to be in control I didnt have calcifications on my last mammo it showed cysts
so maybee there has been a change maybee not ,
all I really want is to try and get on with things , but then my mind goes into overdrive, will I ever learn

well as they say just have to wait it out, sorry for the whinging its just me today, sick of hospitals( go to see two other surgeons for orthopedic surgery ) but at moment other surgery is on hold untill finished, so have to keep going for physio, hydratherapy , then horrid injections into joints& nerves.

disclosure it stikes me that the NHS being such a heirarchical organisation only trains mammographers in very basic skills. Therefore their powers of interpreting anything are very limited and they are usually not invited to give a view as they probably don’t know much about what they are looking at.

all they seem to check is that they have a reasonable image for someone else (medically qualified) to report back to you.

I’ve seen mammograms showing suspicious areas and benign areas of concern and quite honestly I couldn’t work out what they were showing and thought you would need a lot of experience to tell the difference.

I was told that nothing at all showed up on my last mammogram even though I had a lump at the time which turned out to be cancer so I have reservations about them, and about non expert people looking at them.

If you don’t have dense breast tissue as I have it is easier to see cancers against fatty areas, but I still think you want an experience doctor to do this checking. Then anything suspicious can be biopsied which gives almost definitive answers.

So in my view you need to wait until after a doctor has seen your mammograms before asking too much.