Mammogram Callback

Hello Everyone,


it it is many years since I posted on this forum. I was first diagnosed 12 years ago aged 39 and had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. I have always been aware that I can never say I am cured but every year that goes by makes you think you are ‘out of the woods’. I have now received a callback for my annual mammogram and I feel like I did when first diagnosed. So scared, can’t stop crying, don’t want to tell my family and put them through it all again - has anyone had a similar experience ? Appointment on Wednesday - what can I expect ?

Marmaduke, I don’t have a similar experience, but didn’t want to scoot by. So sorry you’ve been put back into that horrible anxious place and hoping Wednesday brings good news x

All the best for Wednesday. Will have everything crossed for you.


I am 9 years since diagnosis but still worry about any ache or pain.



Sue xx 

Good luck Marmaduke ,the waiting is horrible .Im sure there are lots of posts from ladies who have been called back but there have been other non cancer explanations for the changes.