mammogram flagged something up again so back at breast assessment clinic

2 years ago I had a left sided mastectomy due to high grade DCIS which was picked up by a mammogram screening. I had implant reconstruction with further reconstruction and a nipple sharing graft. As a result of my second annual mammogram I was “invited” back to the breast clinic. I may have to go through the whole process again. I just hope it is not a worse type of cancer or that something had been missed from 2 years ago. At least I don’t have to wait for appointment since it is on May 14th.

Oh gingernut, just what nobody wants to hear - after having come through it and got through 2 emotionally challenging years! They say, from what I’ve read, that having a second diagnosis can hit much harder than the first (but still totally treatable of course!)- but thats jumping the gun isn’t it at this point. From what I read from you, they have not diagnosed anything, but it sounds like there is something further they want to check. As you know, they are very very careful with anyone with a prior diagnosis and call-backs are common. I have my fingers firmly crossed for you that this is just a ‘lets just be double triple sure’ and call her back in thing.