Mammogram on small breasts



I am due to have my first mammogram next week after finding a small lump.


I know this might sound a bit daft but i have quite small breasts and was a little unsure whether they would be able to do one successfully or is it just going to take longer and be more uncomfortable. Any pictures of mamaograms have ladies with lovely big boobs :wink:


I think it is just partly nerves on my part about it all but i just wondered if anyone else has any experience on what to expect.




Hi Limey


Snap…I have the smallest breasts ever…as a matter of fact, the right one (the one with the discharge) is smaller than the other.  I had a mammogram last Wednesday.  I was also worried, embarrassed.  But it was a breeze.  Not painful at all.  The Radiographers are experts in their field and nothing fazes them.  They have dealt with breasts of all shapes and sizes.

Hope all goes well for you.  I am waiting to see aConsultant to get the results of my mammogram


Love to you and all the lovely ladies here xx


hi Limey,
Not to worry, I’m small boobed & it’s been no problem. The radiographer will get you into position, where you’re practically hugging the xray machine!
They may also do an ultrasound as well.
Anyway, best wishes for the appointment, chances are all will be well.
ann x

Thank you so much for your comments ladies. I feel a lot better now. Still a bit anxious of the results but i know chances are it is nothing.


Good luck to everyone going through this x


Yeah, I’m in the small boob club too! Before all my 3 yearly routine mammos and then during all the biopsies and stuff when my cancer was diagnosed, I always took 2 paracetamol about 1.5 hours beforehand, not because  mammos are especially painful for most people but because I’m a wimp and demand an anaesthetic jab even for a tooth filling! It might do no harm for you to do likewise just as reassurance as it’s your first one. Nothing with aspirin in though, only paracetamol. All the best. xxx

I found a small lump a couple of months ago (turned out to be nothing) and throw was my first experience of a brassy clinic and a mammogram- I’ve got small boobs too. The staff were great, you definitely get the impression that they’ve done it before on ladies of all shapes and sizes and swiftly move you in to the position to get the best pictures. I did get the impression that they were pulling flesh from half way down my ribs just to find enough to squeeze between the plates! The process is a little uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say painful, as they are so experienced and professional it was over very quickly.