Mammogram one year on

Hi, I was diagnosed at the beginning of March 2014 and had neo adjuvant chemo (before surgery) followed by a WLE at the end of July. I have asked my onc when I will get my ‘one year on’ mammogram but he said it won’t be until July as that was when I had the surgery. I just felt that this was a long time after diagnosis. Has anyone else had any similar timescales? Thanks

Think my surgeon said the same and I was thinking it should be one year from diagnosis. Don’t know if we can request it earlier?

Mine said it needed time for the tissue to settle but coincidentally i have received a general ‘under 50s’ screening for May 27 which is unrelated to my treatment. I am tempted to take it as my next onc appt isn’t until late June. X

I think this seems to be the pattern for yearly follow ups . I was diagnosed in August 2008 , and had WLX and sentinel node biopsy in Sept 2008, followed by axillary clearance in Oct 2008. I have had all my yearly mammograms in October ever since . They continue for 10 years I believe .

I had my first mammogram exactly one year after diagnosis. The consultant told me that it is difficult to identify any concerns any earlier due to the changes surgery, chemo and radio does to the breast area.

Thanks for tthe replies, İ had to have it one year after surgery rather than after diagnosis. İt may be different for various NHS Trusts.

Hello,Just had my one year mammogram after diagnosis in August 14 and mastectomy and diep recon. in October. Seems first mammo year after surgery.