Mammogram Time Again

Tomorrow is my mum’s 4th mammogram after successful lumpectomy surgery. This time of year the anxiety always hit new levels for her and the family. I wish there was a less stressful way of going for a yearly check up but I know it’s for the best. Fingers crossed.

Hi Raaspberi - I wanted to send you and your family, especially your mum, a big hug for her mammogram today. Anniversaries and scans are always tough times - I agree with you, I wish there was some way to ease the stress. Someone suggested to me that I should try to turn the date into a positive memory date, so plan a trip/meal/etc around this time of year so it isn’t always associated with diagnosis. 

You are very thoughtful to have come on here to look for support for your mum and your family. It is also tough for the family, so make sure you too have the support so that you can in turn help your mum. This forum is a great place to offload.

Sending you my very best wishes

Evie xx


I too have my 4th Mammogram tomorrow, it is always a tough time for me, I get tearful, have nightmares and increased anxiety on the build up to the examination. I think its normal, it reminds us of a very difficult time.

thankfully I have good family and husband for support and I try hard to look at it in a positive way, Im still here!

I wonder if we ever really ‘get over it’

best wishes to all here…onwards and upwards