mammogram, U/S and biposy. 33 years old?

hi everyone, im new here


i have been recently having some issues with my left breast and went GP this morning.

my symptoms are: slightly inverted nipple, 1 episode of fluid back in november prior to nipple inverting. my breast is currently very hard down the side and underneath and is quite heavey. i have also some mis shaping to the same side. i have also been having a constant dull/ sore ache all week since sunday and on ocassions have been having shooting pains enough to make me jump. something definitley not right!!


i have a family history as well, my paternal grandma had BC and had a mastectomy. i have had two previous biopsies on my right breast that all came back fine, but i am very worried about this breast and the symptoms.


my ANP has booked me in for a mamogramm, U/S and biopsy. im so scared!! she has also prescribed me a course on antibiotics in case i have an infection. has any one known this. what could the pain be?? someone told me you can still get BC with painful symptoms?! :frowning:

Hi Annie,
Welcome anyway, although having this anxiety is horrible.
There are certainly others who have posted here with symptoms similar to yours & for the vast majority, it turns out Not to be bc, so statistically all should be well, especially in someone of your age.
Waiting for appointments is never easy, but you have done all you need to, to get it checked out.
If you haven’t already, google is best avoided as inevitably any breast symptom will throw up bc on a search, when mostly it’s not. It can help to carry on as normal & keep yourself distracted whilst you’re waiting.
Do let us know how you get on.
ann x