Hi all, am new to this site. Quite A few weeks ago i noticed a change in the area around my nipple, it seems to be sinking in. I have thought nothing about it til i watched the full monty cancer programme. I hadnt took any notice of the itchiness and heavy feeling and occasional growing pain like feelings. Anyway i finally went to the doctors yesterday and she said she cannot feel any lumps or inflammatry but my nipple is slightly swollen which could be what is causing the sinking appearance. She has reffered me for a mammogram and ultrasound which i will hear within 2 week. looking online tho it says they dont give mammograms to under 35 year olds ( ill be 35 next month). Does anyone know if they will still do this? I have mixed emotions right now, nervous, scared but also feel like im wasting the doctors/hospitals time. Hope this all makes sense.

First of all, Vicky, you’ve done all you need to & thank goodness you acted on getting checked out. You are certainly not wasting anyone’s time, as any breast change should be properly checked & your GP is following the protocols on this.
Breast changes can occur for all sorts of reasons, with bc being the least likely reason behind it. For the vast majority of women, it turns out Not to be bc, but only the breast clinic can get to the bottom of it.
What usually happens is you’ll see the Dr who will examine you, then an ultrasound is performed. If it’s clear what it is, then you should get the all clear then. They may do a mammo if it’s felt necessary to do so.
If it’s still not clear what it is, then a biopsy of the area may be done, in which case, there is another week or 2s wait for the results - but this does not mean it’s necessarily bc if this happens & chances are, it won’t come to that.
It’s best to stay off the internet, as it only makes any anxiety worse & wont change anything, but do use the bcc site here for any info you may need.
Let us know how you get on
ann x