mammograme after diagnoses of secondaries

I hope you this is not to dopey a question but I have secondaries in my liver which are Oestrogen positive. My breast is both oestrogen neg and pos.
i am on Femara which is helping with the liver secondaries.I had a mammogram 3 years ago, when re-occurance and secondaries were found. i was sent an appointment for mass screening, but cancelled it as i got the impression that the liver was the only place the onc seemed to be bothered about now. My affected breast is ‘sore’ and red, but it always has been since radiotherapy, but i am worried the oestrogen neg in my brease may need treating too…basically do you have mammograms when you have secondaries?
Thanks Noz

I have bone mets and have had a mammo since, and for the time being expect to have one annually under the supervision of my breast surgeon.


I have secondary BC in my liver and bones and I also have an annual mammogram under the supervision of my surgeon.


I have bone mets and am supposed to have a mammogram every year, again via the surgeon rather than the onc. It ties in with my 6 monthly checkup there (usually) so I can remember to request one.