Mammograms - a question

Hi everyone. It’s a long time since I was around the forums, so hi to anyone who remembers me :slight_smile:

I have my mammogram booked for a few days time but heard a piece on the radio this morning that got me thinking. You lovely people have always been a fount of information in the past (I have had two brushes with bc and a big family history) so I thought I would seek your views.

Does a mammogram risk spreading breast cancer cells due to the pressure applied?

Thanks for reading;
Sass xx

Hi Sass,

Sending this back to the top.

Difficult one to answer as there seem to be different views on this.

Maybe someone with more knowledge will get back to you.


Hiya Sassie

I’ve never heard of that happening, but am bumping this up for you, as I know we’ve got one or two ladies on here that are bcn’s. Maybe they, or someone else may know.

Take care!

Shelley xxx

Thanks ladies. There was quite a discussion about it on the radio yesterday; until then I’d never given it a thought! Apparently it stems from junior doctors being told to be very careful in their manual breast exams because of the risk of spread. Of course, this may all turn out to be an urban myth, but I’d rather like to be sure before my mammogram, rather than after!

No thoughts anyone? Bcn? Please :slight_smile:

Hi Sassie,

You can’t be the only person wanting to know about this. Why is everyone so quiet?

How about phoning the helpline?


Hi Sass,

As well as the Helpline, Tel. 0808 800 6000 (open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm) you could send your question to BCC’s Ask the Nurse Service. Here’s a link to more information about the service:

With best wishes,
Anna, BCC Facilitator

Without being rude, but our residant bcn is a little busy having her first chemo today. I would suggest that maybe your surgeon would be the first person to call on.

Hi sassie,

hope all is well with you, i also heard something about this, my mammo due next month too so would be interesting to get some answers.