Mammograms and ultra sound

Listening to reports today that mammograms don’t always pick up cancer I am very, very angry.  I had a mammogram and examination with a breast consultant back in June 2012.  I had previously been having 18 month mamos and ultrasound at Guildford Hospital via my gp because my sister had had bc.  I can remember the radiologist the last time I saw her saying to keep an eye on the calicification in my breast.  When I went to see the breast specialist at my gp’s recommendation, he only did a mammogram.  8 months later I found a lump and was diagnosed with bc which had spread to nodes.  I did query why nothing had been found on the mammogram earlier and was told it doesn’t always show up.  My Guildford Consultant was very unnerved when I presented with a lump and asked why he hadn’t picked it up at our last meeting.  This was private as NHS wouldn’t do frequent mammograms.  I know it is no good looking back but I can’t help feeling if I had stuck to my original source of mammograms they might have picked it up sooner as they always gave me an ultrasound after the mammogram.  So ladies, always insist on an ultrasound as well.

It is very scary, I went to the Drs about a lump in Feb which turned out to be fat, had a clear diagnostic Mammogram at the clinic and then an ultrasound which picked up a fibrodenema which again hadn’t shown on mammogram, thankfully he decided to biopsy it just in case and by sheer chance picked up some early cancer cells lurking at the side of it, all removed now with no node spread so I’m very fortunate but all they will offer me now is an annual Mammogram! how can I have any confidence in it now?

Oddly enough I had just posted earlier today about mammograms. I am only 38 but had one recently for the first time as although I had not found any lumps I had pain in left breast and other changes. I also got sent for ultrasound just of l/b to be doubly sure there was nothing wrong. Mammogram of both was clear and u/s just showed swollen glands causing hormonal pain. Got recommended to take epo daily which has worked for the pain. I have still been feeling unnerved though by people commenting about mammograms not showing up their b/c as I still dont understand why I have suddenly had changes, although the pain and itching have gone. Keep looking for reassurance from somewhere as I get so anxious.

Hi Beck , I’ve got a lump & thickened nodes , biopsy came back normal but I still have pain and itching . What is Epo? I’ve not been given any answers as to what else it could be so I’ve no idea if it’s hormonal although I am on HRT .
I have a hardening of breast tissue on the side near the armpit area, also find myself itching my breast , where your symptons similar ? Jan x

Hi Jan
Epo is evening primrose oil. I have to take 3000 mg daily and since I started this, the pain has definitely improved. My other symptoms were itching, blue veins - especially round left nipple area, and general change in appearance/feel of both breasts. I have been told by breast cancer consultant that nothing looked abnormal either when she examined me and she wasnt concerned about veins or itching. Just said breasts do change. The itching seems to have faded away but still have noticeable veins and wish someone could tell me why.

or at least a second opinion.  When you were told to keep an eye on the calcifications in your breast, the doctor should have been alarmed as calcifications generally herald abnormal cells.  I am so sorry this happened to you.  

Sorry for jumping in on this thread but becks74 I’ve messaged you before my symptoms mimic yours completely and I’m on epo too but the blue veins look like a map and that I’m ready to breast feed, I’ve had many blood test mammogram ultrasound all ok just get told breast change happens with age but not happy with this explanation,I also have pain under shoulder blade :frowning: