Mammograms on Reconstructed Breasts

I have had a bilateral prophylatic mastectecy with immediate reconstrution using implants and strattise. My surgeon has told me that I will still need to attend my yearly mammograms, I started surveillance 7 years ago at the age of 38. Every mammogram resulted in recalls, followed by ultrasounds and more mammograms. I’m not faulting the diligence but thought that as I have so little breast tissue remaining there is hardly anything to look at. I also thought that as the implant in under the pectoral muscle all my remaining tissue has been pushed to the surface, thus making any abnormalities easy to spot. 


I was hoping that I would be like the general population and only have mammograms every 3 years and only when I reached the age of 50. 


Has anyone here had mammograms on reconstructed breasts, especially with implants, and was it uncomfortable? I mean is it even possible? I’m only 3 weeks post op and can’t even imagine putting these firm boulders between those plates. 

I feel exactly the same. I only have the one, but cant imagine having a mammogram on it at all.  You cant squash it for a start.  maybe they just leave the plates wide apart and take the imaging like that.  That would work  I suppose.  My final check up tomorrow so will ask that question.

I have implant and strattice and when I went for my first mammogram post surgery they only screened the real boob.  I see the surgeon once a year for her to check the foob.  I have had an ultrasound on the foob which detected some cysts but no one has ever suggested a mamogram.

It seems that no one has had a mammogram on the implanted foob side. I actually received my annual mammogram appointment this morning. I called them up to postprone for 6 months as I’m only 4 weeks post op. I told them that I’ve had a bilateral mastectomy with implant reconstruction and the person I spoke with was going to talk to the radiographer and ask them for their opinion. Maybe I should have mentioned that I had a nipple sparing mastectomy. If they can’t do the mammogram will they switch to an annual ultrasound instead? 


Or did I misunderstand my Consultant? I remember asking her twice because I was surprised when she said I should still keep up the suviellance mammograms. 


Can I ask how long did everyone wear their post op bras for? I’m still wearing mine 4 weeks in and I’m still compressed becasue of it. My foobs are flattened and solid. The BN told me the longer i could wear it the better the results will be. 

Hi. I have had a unilateral reconstruction and at the moment have a yearly mammogram-both sides. I understand this is because around 5-10% of breast tissue can remain in the skin flaps after a skin sparing mastectomy. I have had one or 2 interesting conversations with the sonographers when they spot my situation!! as its not the norm in the UK but I feel much safer with it. But I think its an individual thing!!!
I had my first one 3 months after a further op to my reconstruction and it wasn’t painful at all…just odd like the other one!! I think as skin sparing mastectomies become more the norm hopefully both side surveillance will increase too…

Hi - I wonder whether an MRI is another option in this situation? I had a mammogram when I found my lump, which didn’t give a good view (partly as my boobs are quite firm/dense which I had always thought an advantage until now!!) so then also had an ultrasound so they could biopsy the lump.

I was then also sent for an MRI and the MRI showed a second lump which wasn’t seen on mammo or ultrasound, and turned out to be a second tumour.

Luckily because they were close together my surgeon was happy to still do WLE/ mammoplasty rather than full MX, but once I’m done with chemo and rads and (hopefully) get into regular surveillance I’m planning on asking if I can have MRI rather than mammograms, as I don’t think I’d get confidence from mammos.

For anyone who hasn’t had a boob MRI, you lie face down on a frame with holes for your boobs to dangle through, so with implants it would be much more comfortable and I assume get a better view of remaining breast tissue.

Not sure whether they will agree either because of cost, or because of too much radiation if done annually, but I plan to ask!!