I have a mammogram appointment on New Year’s Eve (yes, you read that right) followed by a visit to my surgeon 10 days later. This will be the first check up with him since I had ANC in November 2006.

Not looking forward to all this as I start a new job 2 days before I see the surgeon and I’m a bit worried about whether everything is OK, I saw the onc in Oct and they’ve said there should be nothing to worry about, but you know what it’s like when somethings niggling at you. I just feel “new job, new life” and would hate to think anything else could happen.

Hi Cherub,

You are bound to be apprehensive but when I went for my first mammo, I thought I am not going to fret about something that may not be a problem. Only if there was a problem would I worry. There wasn’t a problem and I am glad that I did not waste time and effort on fretting unnecessarily. Focus on the new new job and new life and enjoy these positives.

Margaret x

Hi Ladys,

I had my 2 year mamo 4 weeks ago and i am in the breast clinic tomorrow afternoon for results and check up.
Its been playing on my mind for the last few days now and i don`t think i will get much sleep tonight or be able to consentrate at work in the morning.
why why why do we put ourselfs through so much agony,i have had bad dreams over it.

Hey Cherub

CONGRATULATIONS on the new job… think positive new year, new you, new job, couldn’t be set better for good things… and if the what you don’t want to happen happens, you’ll pick yourself up and deal with whatever life throws at you. We’re all here too, as your oncologist says try not to worry, cos then you won’t enjoy all the good stuff that’s happening as much.

I start my chemo on new years eve, so will be thinking about you and everyone on here. Feeling the love for you all >>>>>>>



I got myself into a real state worrying about my first mammo. I was told I would get an app 2 weeks after check up at clinic and I had to wwait 7 weeks. My m in law, who had same bc as me but 6 months prior had had to wait weeks for the result of her mammo. I went straight in. Was told to wait in case radiologist needed to see me. Was then told that everything was fine. All in the space of 15 mins. The radiologist sent a report to the consultant and I got a copy a few weeks after that.

Try not to worry. Not easy I know. I now have 6 monthly check ups and several large lumps in good breast that they keep saying are cysts. I do worry but have to trust them for my own sanity.

Go and bake some mince pies or kiss the dog or something. Works for me.