After I found my lump I was given a mamogram which didnt show any abnormalities. Cancer was confirmed after an ultrasound and biopsy.

My mother had a similar experience 18 years ago - her mamo was clear also.

I wonder how many others have had this experience? Its worrying that this technology is not always accurate and that some women must be slipping through the net.

I guess I was the same. The GP sent me for mammograms & I had to wait 3 hours then see the surgeon. He examined the lomp & said he didn’t know what it was (it wasn’t inside, but was right on the surface looking like a boil or pimple, very small). So he sent me for ultrasound & then back to him for biopsy. So I have always been under the impression that nothing showed on the mammogram.

Morning ladies,

My “lump” was found on the ultrasound, I went to doctor with a dimple in my boob, but mum and her sister have both had breast cancer so I got it checked out, (They are both doing great, 5 years and 18 months on repectivley). I was sent for a mamogram and ultrasound but was told by GP that they always do this for “tethering” and I have been led to beleive that mamograms do not always work on the under 50’s (I’m 47).

Tracey xx

Me too. I found a lump, at hospital was sent for mammo and untrasound. Mammo was clear… I was told that I had ‘young’ breasts, that is that the breast tissue was dense (as is the case in younger women - I was 49 at the time!). The lump was found on ultrasound when they took bx and I was dx the following week. I’ve just had my first mammo since dx and that has come back clear. My dr has agreed to offer me breast mri, given that my tumour didn’t show up last time.

I agree that some women must fall through the net. If I hadn’t found my lump, Iwould have been offered a mammo the following year which would I been clear. I don’t like to think where I’d be now if that had been the case. I think this is why women under 50 aren’t routinely offered mammos due to the dense nature of breast tissue in younger women.

My mother’s lump was only just picked up on mamogram because the location of it, plus the small size, made it almost impossible to see. She only went to the doctor because her nipple had started to turn inwards, and the first doctor she saw refused to listen. Luckily her lump was eventually spotted on the mamogram but it easily could not have been, so no these tests aren’t fool proof.

hi there everyone,
I am 45, and due to long family history of bc i have had yearly mammograms since the age of 38. my bc was found on my yearly mammogramm, it was quite small, and as i have had thickening and lumpy breasts, i never felt the lump myself.
I was really angry with myself in the beginning because i check my breasts regularly, and had missed the lump.

Thank goodness for mammograms, but i always had the fear, that because i was under 50 that cancers would not be detected.fortunatley for me mine was found.

take care Sandrae x x x