Managed to work myself into a state

Well tomorrow afternoon i finally find out my results
im that much in a nervous state / panic that managed to use my entire inhaler already and only got it last week, my asthma has been uncontrolled today too :0(
my partner is convinced if keep this up i will make myself ill or even a heart attack. i cant help it though, i suffer ptsd & extreme anxiety so this waiting is not doing me any favours.
everyone in mind of no call so not bad news i really hope so as dont think i can take anymore stress :0(
how is everyone else coping x

You will probably have a sleepless night but once you get your results, you will calm down because you know exactly what you are dealing with.

You are afraid and it is normal to experience the fear but your body will cope somehow, you dont know how, it just will.

Deep relaxation helps. There is a lot of support out there, use what works for you.

Good luck Hun

Jan x

I know it’s awful waiting for results, but as Jan says, once you know, you then focus on the next stage of treatment, be thinking of you, I too am waiting results of my second WLE as my margins weren’t clear. We seem to either waiting for or riding this awful rollercoaster, but looking at other posts we cope and manage in our own little ways, hope it’s good news for you tomorrow x

Hi Justsusie

Wishing all the best for this afternoon I do hope it’s good news.

Chris xx