Manageing Lymphodaema in legs and ascites

Just thought I’d let you know how I managed my ascites and lymphodaema in legs. Now last summer I went from being a perfectly normal size 10-12 to someone with a 47" waist. Drained of 10 ltrs then 18 ltrs of fluid. It was horrendous to say the least! I was unable to walk,sit,stand shower, or even go to bed and had to sleep on an electric reclining chair for 5 weeks!
My very nice support team at our local hospice got me fitted with compression stockings (hmmm lovely) I was then given some spanx knickers and some spironolactone tablets to help rid me of the fluid. I was told to take measurements of my fluid intake/output and take various measurements of my legs and stomach. Finally I was advised to eat a protein rich diet and take some exercise, even just shuffling up and down the living room.
After just 5 weeks there was massive improvement although industrial strength tena ladys were required at times (try getting your spanx knickers down in a hurry when taking diruetics).
Anyway, I’m now able to walk 4 miles and ride my horse. I have TNBC with bone and liver mets. I take vitamin D3 tabs for bone strength, together with my monthly zometa and my chemo tablets.
The key is , so I’ve been told is to take exercise where possible and eat a protein rich diet. No sitting about if you can help it. Obviously there will be some ladies who for various reasons are unable to do this, but if I can help one person then my posting was worth it. Wishing everyone all the best xx

hi bellasmam
sounds like you’ve made a huge turn around by gritting your teeth & refusing to let it beat you
v inspiring for all of us, thanks