Managing when nails are falling out

I am looking for any experiences and advice with this. I have lost 3 nails so far and others are getting wobbly. The worst is my thumb nail, which was dangling for days then came out a few days ago. I have got a dressing on the top of my thumb which is now soft and tender. How long will it take for a new nail to grow? Will I need to keep it bandaged the whole time? AS other fingernails nails get more wobbly and need taping in place, I can imagine myself going months with multiple fingers bandages up. Is this what happens?

At the moment the only other nails I have lost are toe nails, which is quite easy to manage as I just leave them unbandaged under socks, but other fingernails are obviously going to come out in the next few days and weeks

I would like to hear from other people who have lost finger nails, what it was like, how you managed, and how long it took to regrow.

Thank you very much

Hey.   Hope you are feeling ok today.  Fortunately I haven’t lost a full nail however  mine have came off in half’s which I thought would have been so painful as it’s well below the quick line but no its been fine.  My nail grew back to full length very quickly so hopefully yours will do that.  My toenails were the most painful but again they didn’t come off.  I have also been using CND oil in my nails which is helping too. X