Managing your softie

Had a WLE and nodes a 6 weeks ago and am now two weeks post mx surgery one side and doing OK. Was given a softie prosthesis the day of my surgery and put it in my normal bra 3 days later and felt much better as a result. However I find that it sits so much higher than my actual boob and I look verty lopsided. Advice from both BCC and my own BC nurses is that ait is becasue it is so light, so suggest I add some weights or a bag or rice. I have made a soft bag opf rice today but it still rides high. Can’t tighten my left straps more as this adds pressure on my scar sites. I also have a bra extendsion at the back. I also bought a soft bra thinking that it wouold be good post surgery but it seems too soft and I am completely lopsided in that! I am having a bra fitting advice session in 2 weeks or so followed by proper prosthesis later - probably after I have had rads.
Anyone got any suggestions please?

Hi Seagull,

Yes, I found this to be a problem too. The way I dealt with it cos I knew it was only temporary, was to wear a range of scarves and extending them to cover my breasts. This way no one could really tell.
I found this worked well, and I tolerated the discomfort of the ‘softie’ riding up the whole time.
I do know that some ladies have somehow ‘pinned’ it to their bra, I tried this but the thing just twisted round! I have also heard of weighting them down somehow with ‘curtain rings’ _ Perhaps someone has done this from the forum?
Things are better when you get the prosthesis proper, - but now I have the opposite problem mine is very heavy! but it looks so much better than the softie.


I bought curtain weights and pushed them into the stuffing of the softie, about 4 seemed to do the trick. I also pinned it at the base of my bra. I am only a c cup so don’t know if that made a difference & used a post surgery bra from M&s as it fitted well on my chest & didn’t ride up.

Hope that helps
S x

Tried my softie on way home from hospital day after op. Felt like a freak. As I have quite a big boob on opposite side, it droops. you can’t emulate this with a softie. Haven’t worn it since (just over one week later) as too sore to wear a bra yet. Going braless is becoming the norm for me now.
pg xx