Manchester Wigs

Hi ladies
Just after a bit of advice. I’m newly diagnosed and due to start chemo on June 16th and wondered if anyone had any experience of getting nice wigs in the Manchester area?
I’ve got an appointment at one of the places recommended by the Christie but just thought I’d see if there was anywhere else people have had success with.
Many thanks in advance

Hi sar41
I was diagnosied a few months ago but looks like we are starting chemo about the same time - looks mine will be at the Christies too.
I met with the oncologist yesterday and she suggested the wig specialist at the Christies but I’m still in denial about loosing my hair and want to fight it - however I’ve bought a temporary one off ebay just incase it happens quickly.
I have my sister in laws sister, sending me the details of a place her friend goes too later - will be happy to share when I get the info xx

Hi Sar and Sazza

I am posting a link to the headstrong support services and information from BCC which you may find helpful too:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Thanks Gilly
That’s reassuring as I’ve got an appointment at Nicky Oliver the day after I start chemo and am having my hair cut off 9 days after that.
I’ve got long dark hair and we’ve been advised to handle the hair loss with our toddler as a game of dressing up!
She’s got a hair cut booked in, nursery are doing a week on hats and scarves and we’re going to tell her mummy’s had her hair cut off so she can dress up as well with her new hair aka my new wig.
I’m not sure if it’ll work but need to get my wig sorted ASAP to try.
I like the idea of a second one later on as well, could have a winter and summer look lol
Hope all’s well with you now
Sarah x

Well it’s done, I’ve got a wig I’m happy with and pretty much matched to my colour and style.
Sazza I know you’re a Christies girl as well. I tried a few on there and then went to Nicky Oliver in the Northern Quarter and am so glad I did. It was much more like a hairdressing experience and a lot less clinical. Nice little private room as well.
Just got to have the chop next week now.
Now I’ve just got to stop the toddler stealing it for dress up.
Let me know how you get on ladies x

So glad you got sorted out. I tried a real hair one on but decided I don’t have time to do mine now with 2 babies let alone when feeling rubbish!
I honestly think if you wear them properly they look ok. It’s when you see them pulled halfway down people’s foreheads it looks odd.
My new mantra is “4 fingers from brow” lol!
Good luck, let me know how the big reveal goes xx

Sar41 how’s the wig going? Looking like mine is going to have to have a debut! The rate is coming out I’m gonna look like friar tuck! It seems to be coming out more at the top and not at the back where the thickness is!
Decided I don’t like any of the wigs I’ve already looked at so back to looking - I have bought one from a wig shop local to me but it’s longer than the style I have so too obvious! But found a website taht does non clip in fringes so looking at purchasing to go with a bandana- hurray for the 6 weeks hols and not seeing many ppl! X

Hi, that’s a shame, sounds like the cold caps not been brilliant. I had it all chopped off yesterday and TBH it was a massive relief as it was falling out everywhere. I’d had to have it tied up in a bun since Monday as it was shedding so much. Wig wise it looks great! So pleased with it but it’s so hot at the moment I only managed about 40 mins with it on. My scalps pretty sore as well so I’ve been going bare headed at home which has surprised me. The toddler just keeps asking to touch my headgog hair and hadn’t been phased at all.
I’ve got some scarves and hats so will wear those but know what you mean, the first time I go to the park with a scarf on everyone will know, I really don’t want to be mum gossip fodder!
Are you going to give the cold cap another go or call it a day? x

Oh if only I didn’t have to shave my legs!! - lost lady garden - hair still coming out and no longer allowed the cold cap- but yet still having to shave under arms and legs!! How cruel!!
My arms still have hair too, my nails are also
Growing at a fast rate! - shouldn’t complain as I broke two the other day with kids and now they’re same length as my others?
Haven’t had the guts to shave what’s left off and don’t really fancy the itchy feeling after so gonna try and keep hold of that!!

Still not shaving my legs but swear my arms are exactly the same as they were! My nails are the same as well, really strong and growing really quickly.
My scalp was pretty sore but have been using the toddlers strawberry shampoo and that seems to have helped, smells pretty good as well lol.
Am more bothered about the fact that my eyelashes seem to be thinning, that would b the final indignity.
Baby group again tomorrow, determined that the children shouldn’t miss out because of this but hate hate hate being there in a head scarf. Fingers crossed you manage to hold onto what’s left of your hair xx

if possible, i wish you could try a human hair wig from this shop: 

i bought a long curly human hair wig from this store and everything is perfect to me.  by the way, after contacting customer service, i got 6,00 coupons. this is not too much to me, but i still happy for this kind help. 

Sorry that this is a very late reply  but if any of you are still on here, do you know if Nicky Oliver still does this? My daughter starts chemo soon at Christies and I’m sure she’d much rather go there than try them on at home

Any more recent recommendations gratefull acepted as well

Hi All,

I got my wig before chemo started by visiting the Hair Fairy near Liverpool. The lady who set the business up has alopecia and they know what they are doing.
The first wig that Eve put on me was the one I bought, it’s just like my own hair style but better and I’ve had a few outings in it as practices whilst I still have my normal hair and close friends didn’t notice.
I’ve booked a second wig appointment this week to go back and look for a more weekend look! Which I will get cut and styled into shape. Eve has already been on the phone letting me know she has got others in for me to try… it’s great when someone really knows what they are doing. I took my friend with me and we actually had some fun with the whole situation and then went for a nice lunch afterwards.
Good luck with it all…