Manuka honey recommendations

Hi all

i have read about manuka honey being helpful for immune system during chemo. I have had a look online but there are SO many variations. Can anyone recommend one? 

Me again.

I’d check with your oncologist first but it shouldn’t do any harm. However there is no scientific evidence to suggest it does any good, apart from unsubstantiated claims from manufacturers. If it was an effective addition, oncologists would recommend it and prescribe it on the NHS. I’m a great believer in the psychological impact of alternative therapies and, if manuka honey makes you feel stronger, then why not? 

There are two caveats: first, don’t expect it to affect treatment outcomes; second, the best manukas are the more expensive - there might be better things to spend your money on, like reiki, acupuncture or reflexology xx

i was told to put it on my reconstructed diep tum wound which had burst open when I fell onto a shopping trolley in front of me that suddenly stopped on a conveyor belt at the bottom when my husband didn’t push it off. Anyway the hospital said use manuka honey to speed up the healing process. i think any honey would probably have worked as it’s all gluey and full of sugar which stops bacteria. It tastes nice though if your wound heals and you have a lot left like I did. I have enjoyed it with butter on toast. It comes from New Zealand, and it reminds me of my friends there and the visits I have made to the Antipodes. It’s well worth going there and sampling manuka on its home territory. I have grown manuka in England it’s called the tea tree and it grows very fast.