manuka honey / vit C tablets

Has anyone had any experience of taking manuka honey with peppermint oil in hot water. I assume it is made up to drink. What are the proportions to use and what is it helpful with? Also I have been told vit C is good for the immune system. I am starting chemo next week and feel I want to take anything that will help me get through. Would appreciate any comments on this.

Not sure about the honey. Can’t abide the stuff, but check it’s not on your ‘banned foods’ list.
I was told not to take vitamins so didn’t. I can’t see that they would have any effect on the immune system.

Check with your Onc. Mine told me not to take any supplements during chemo as sometimes the interaction can cause unexpected side effects. I just ate what I felt like eating during chemo and drank LOTS of water - the chemo drugs are dehydrating.

All the best for next week.
Hugs, Lilac x

I’ve been taking honey AND honey-propollis tablets… never asked a soul (though I was very good at planning appts and listed all the joint-things etc which were no problem)… never thought to ask, cause it’s so natural… and I had my last one this week - have survived! Jane Didn’t do the pepermint oil thing - just a “spoonful of honey” as medicine - when I remembered!

I take Life Mel honey which is supposed to boost your immune system up - it is a bit expensive - but I think worth it for the time I am on chemo.


I took life mel honey all the way through my 8 lots of chemo over 6 months. Although my blood levels dropped they never approached the dangerous level and all my chemos went ahead as planned. The only down side I now absolutely HATE honey.