Manuka Honey

I read on one of the threads (i forget which one, i lurk on a few its amazing what info/tips you can pick up) about Manuka Honey being very good for the blood cells.

I had few problems on my first chemo with white blood cells dropping to zero so thought this may help me. What im not sure about is exactly what it does and how often to take and best way to take. It says on the jar to just eat by the spoon or mix with warm water. I love honey so am quite pleased with this info.

Thought this kind of info would be helpful for anyone else starting on chemo.

All thoughts appreciated

Clare x

Hi Clare,
I have been using Manuka honey since my 1st chemo,I have my last on 24th nov.My onc nurse recommended it when i had a really sore mouth and throat,used to have it by the teaspoon full and let it stay in my mouth a while.Since chemo have gone off tea and coffee,so now have Manuka honey with hot water and drink it as i would tea or coffee.Love the stuff and get through a jar every 3 weeks,I find it helps to settle my acid stomach.
Hope this helps,Heather x

Hi Clare,

I used Manuka Honey right the way through chemo (finished in july) and like tigerpig I also went off drinking tea and coffee so would have a manuka honey and green tea hot drink which really worked for me, its quite a strong taste so you dont need much. I love honey so will always keep a jar of it in my storecupboard for when I feel like it. You mentioned that your bloods were down or that you had problems with your blood count, I did as well especially after my mx surgery and found eating things like watercress or nettle soup (seasonal) also juicing beetroot is good for getting blood count up. I had given up eating red meat but whilst recovering from chemo and surgery I needed my bloods to improve so ate organic liver fresh from the butcher or if you cant stomach that try eating some liver pate on toast, you need to keep your strength up and eating meat during chemo could just do the trick.

Hope all works out for you
Sending love and light
Sarahlousie xx

HI Clare,
I too use Manuka Honey always have it in,like the 10+ one best,Had a Colonoscopy today and could only drink clear fluids,Manuka was a Godsend kept my blood sugar from dipping.Each morning I have it in hot water with a spoonful of cider vinegar,convince myself it helps Tax joint problems,Will try juicing beetroot,certainly like it pickled!
Love and Light xxMavis

Thanks ladies, as usual lots of helpful info. I love red meat and do tend to eat that regularly so will continue to do that. I did not know about liver pate helping blood count and i love that on toast, normally dieting so dont tend to buy it but will definately be indulging in that now…great! :o)

Its the 10+ one i bought today, was expensive but sounds like its worth it.

Clare x

Hi girls,
I picked up on another thread that Aldi do a 10+ manuka honey for £3.99. Useful info as some shops seem to charge a fortune. Also, Tesco were doing a 3for2 offer on it recently so I stocked up then. Its good in nettle tea for cleansing the liver of those nasty toxins.

hope that helps.


Hi sistahs Iswear by Manuka honey Cant remember the last time I had acold .Every time I feel a sore throat coming on I take a teaspoonful in the morning and one in the eve and it goes. Ive even got rid of a stomach bug in 24 ours. Marvellous stuff.


I’m now over 3 years from finishing chemo. After my first I had the sore throat from hell. When I phoned the Christie they suggested Manuka honey which they used to help treat throat cancers. After checking it out online I promptly bought some.

Although I was on accelerated chemo (every 2 weeks instead of every 3) I never had a problem with my blood count etc. I still take it every day and have never even had a cold.

I swear by it and have also put many of my friends on it.

It’a good for all sorts of things. My daughter’s dog had an ulcerated leg and the vet wanted over £300 to treat her. Manuka had it sorted in a few days.

I swear by it. Look at the websites.


PS I thought you couldn’t eat pate when on chemo???