Manuka Honey

I have my first FEC tomorrow and have been advise to start having manuka honey But which one have been onto Holland & Barrett’s site was hoping there would one No there are loads. Any recommendations? HELP ? many thanks xx?

Hi Nanna J


I think it’s recommended to buy the stronger ones, no 20 or above, but I bought 10 and 15 strength (have tried both Rowse and Tiptree brands, the Rowse was heavily discounted in Morrisons, and the Tiptree is a bigger jar and around £14 but lasted ages) and have been taking it since I had my surgery. Surgeon was quite shocked at how quickly I healed but I never let on ;) 


Also, so far my bloods have been very good, and I’m hoping it’s down to Manuka, a spoon a day, so a jar lasts over a month. 


Just noticed you were due your first FEC today, hope it went OK for you.

I’m afraid that I believe that with Manuka Honey, as with CBD oil, you get what you pay for -  you need to get at least 15+. When my husband was ill be bought this and were very pleased.