March 2018 Radiotherapy

For those ladies who are continuing their rads during March or who are about to start them.


Helena  xxx

Hoping to be joining this thread, fingers crossed that the snow doesn’t stop me from getting me to my planning day tomorrow.


Kaz xx

Due to start tomorrow…

Hi Roxanne/ I had the same information at my planning, it was mentioned by the oncologist, and hasn’t been spoken of since (no 10 out of 20 today). I spoke to the radiographer at my review last week as it has been playing on my mind, she said it possibly could be a long term SE, if you had an X-ray in 20 years time, they might see some scarring, but said not to worry, as the treatments are extremely precise. Feeling ok on day ten, little pink and have had waves of being tired, but ok and still working around treatments. Probably not looking my best though!! Good luck x

Hi Helena, hi ladies
Hope all coping well!
I haven’t been on the forum for a while as have had a few busy weeks at work and also recovering from my surgery to clear lymph nodes and clear margins and had good results. I start 15 rads this Weds 7th at Christies in Manchester and only have the app time for that day. Will they give me the other app times on the first one? X

Hello ladies. I will be joining you too. I have finally got an appointment for my planning tomorrow. It seems like I’ve been waiting for ever so hope to get started soon xx

Hi Twistie
Nice to meet someone from the North! I was offered Salford but its too far as I live in Stockport. How about you? I will go to Maggies b4 or after treatments on certain days. Have you been? A shame you cant start as we just want them done, don’t we! Im sure they will start as soon as possible. Good luck with your treatments. Mine is at 4.25pm.x
Hi Ali S
Good to see you moving on too!x
Lady Bowler
Its been a long journey! Hope you and Colin are good. Xx

Will do! Had a massage today and drank loads after that. Need to move the toilet near to my bed!!!

Had my planning today and will start next Tuesday. I’m having 20 sessions. I have to do the breath hold thing so need to practice that.
Ali xx

Hi ladies.
Had my 1st rads today and?they are easy peasy compared to chemo but can see it become quiet tiring after a few more. I have 15 in total. If theres no delays it will be easier. I’m there at 8.45am tomo so need to leave an hour b4 not to hit traffic.
I went to Maggies Calms session first which may have helped me.
Using Diprobase b4 and after and have Aloe Vera Gel in fridge and going to slap some on as the treated boobie is a lot warmer than the other.

These Tamoxifen giving me hot flushes now and then make it even warmer:0

Hi Otter
I got hot flushes from Docetaxol and now on Tamoxifen for 10 years so it looks like I will need to take a fan wherever I go!
The drugs are still in me as I still have aches and pains all over and still recovering from op too. Im glad rads has started, just want tbem done and then I can concentrate on recovering although still have 12 Herceptin jabs!
We have done so well! X

I started Tamoxifen b4 rads. Isnt it strange how we do things differently. Number 3 today and have a late appointment again at 5.40pm.
Rads itself is easy and I’m sure will get more tired as I go along. Im slapping lots of cream on.
Ive been waking up in the night very thirsty so need lots of fluid but then need the toilet so tired during the day.x

Twistie, did you have first one yesterday? Hope went well.x

My gp wouldn’t prescribe any creams for rads!! O had to buy my own. So I went for the radiance gel. Specifically made for rads!! Expensive but good results. No burnt skin or soreness to speak of. As someone else said just looked like I’d been stamped with an iron!!?. Only aches and pains from within the treated area. Hope all goes ok for you all. I’m 9 days post rads now and can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Also used Johnson’s baby wash for showering and sanex deodorant.

Well having had no advise at all I am currently using Johnson’s baby wash in the shower and E45 cream but have been using my normal deodorant so will see what the outcome is.

Ladies I used Aqueous cream twice a day then pure aloe Vera from Holland and Barrett towards the end which was great at taking the heat out! Shaved and used normal deodorant  through rads with no problems, there is loads of conflicting advice but do what feels right for you , I went abroad 3 weeks after treatment finished much to the horror of the radiologist who had all but convinced me my poor boob would conbust in the heat! Slathered it in 50 factor and had no effects at all! Xx Jo 

I agree Jobey about the conflicting advice. Ive seen somewhere not to use Aqueous cream as it has Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which is a skin irritant, yet many use it. It depends what your skin is like and what it may react or not react to.
I have prepared
R1 and R2 cream
Aloe Vera Gel from H&B in the fridge

I have very dry skin anyway so need to moisturise morning and night so I slap some cream on b4 a d after rads just as a barrier.

Had 3 and ok now but they said if you do react it will be after at least a week.

Next 3 treatments are at 9am so will hit the traffic so will take one hour when its usually 20 minutes.

Have a good weekend and Happy Mothers Day if you are a mother and to your mums.xx

Hi ladies. Number 3 done for me today. It is going ok but I didn’t think each session would take so long. Is anyone else having scans done every day? I’m told they will drop to weekly if the first 3 are within their tolerances so really hope they are.

I was told to continue using whatever moisturiser I normally use. Same with deodorant unless it had aluminium in which mine did ? xx

Hi ladies
Good to see all doing well! Ive had 7 out of 15 and they have gone so fast. I sometimes go to Maggies Centre b4 or after appointments whic help too. It has got a little tiring but it cod be all the travelling at rush hour sometimes.
Skin so far good and slapling on cream b4 and after treatment helps. I take tbe cream with me to avoid skin drying.
Later one tomo so no need to leave b4 8am, rbank goodness.xx

hi I just had my 5th of 15. Using doublebase gel and have some aloe Vera gel in reserve for nasty effects. Not too bad so far but a rather surreal experience, a bit like being in a sci fi film!