March 2023 chemo starters

Hi everyone

This thread is for anyone who starts chemo in March 2023 to share thoughts and experiences, and give and receive support.

Hello! I think I’ll be starting chemo in March - just waiting for appointment with oncologist to come through. But had lumpectomy and mammoplasty in Jan/Feb and have been told I will need chemo due to my age (36) and grade of cancer. Then radiotherapy and hormone tablets. Feeling very scared about what’s to come, but hoping this forum will help.

Sarah :slightly_smiling_face:  


I am starting Chemo in March. 
Haven’t had any surgery yet as they want to do Chemo first. 
I am ER + and 36. 



i am Anaïs, I’m 33 and I’ve been diagnosed a month ago with primary triple negative breast cancer.
i start my first chemo+ immunotherapy on the 1st of march 

Hello all, popping on to say hello.   I’m 39 and recently diagnosed.   Looking to start chemo in the next couple of weeks, followed by surgery and then radiotherapy.  Waiting to see oncologist so not sure what to expect or what the plan is yet. I think I’m going to try cold capping if I can as my hair is such a big part of my identity.  

Hi I have been diagnosed with Grade 3cHER+ and plane is 18wks chemo followed by surgery and then radiation and due to start next week with EC  


I didn’t think I would post although I have been reading about everyone else’s experiences…but here I am.

Feeling a bit vulnerable this morning although, since diagnosis on 8th Feb, have been mainly rational, practical and trying to stay positive.

Bit of background – went to doctor because I had a tingling slightly itchy left breast – mainly on nipple. Sent to consultant and had biopsy etc etc…

Diagnosis of Ductal cancer, Grade 3 TER2 + with lymph node involvement. I have appointment on Wednesday 15th for PICC line insertion and start Chemo on Friday 17th.

However, I had a call on Monday 6th to say that MRI showed that I might have cancer in my right breast also and so must go for further biopsy on Monday 13th.  Not entirely surprising as I developed tingling, pain and underarm aching on right side as well as left side – which I mentioned to the oncologist but he could find nothing on examination.

I don’t think I am coping as well as I believe because I have a mouth full of painful ulcers, sky high blood pressure (quite normal previously) terrible headaches and the previously mentioned painful breasts and underarm aching.

On the bright side, I have ordered some hair pieces, scarves and hats – I have opted for an ice blonde fringe and silver blonde face framer. My hairdresser has always refused to bleach my hair these colours due to the damage it would cause……but now I get to try them. She cut all my, quite long, hair into a short style yesterday and we had a chuckle about the irony of it all.

Anyway – I have a Look Good Feel Better make up session at 10.30 so maybe I will…feel better that is.

Thanks for listening

Hi, I had my first round of chemo plus phesgo last Monday. I have a grade 2 HER2+ invasive ductal carcinoma, nodes negative. 6 rounds of chemo + phesgo then lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy. I work for the NHS and have been signed off on long term sick leave. I did wonder if I would be ok to work, but so far I am glad that I made the decision to concentrate on my own health. Feeling quite a lot better this week, but still not capable of a busy and stressful workday. The emotional toll is high too. Happy to be in a thread with you all going through a similar experience at the same time :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all 

Quick question

I start my chemo tomorrow and had a PICC line inserted yesterday.

The PICC line insertion was quick and painless but once the anaesthetic wore off it began to hurt - particularly when I move my arm.

I have taken Ibuprofen but it is still painful - before I bother anyone I just want to check whether this is normal.

Thanks fellow travellers.

Hi Everyone, 

Just wanted to say hello and to see how everyone’s getting on? I was diagnosed end of November with grade 3, invasive, HER2 negative, ER breast cancer, score 6. I had a lumpectomy in January and finally started chemo on 8th March, no lymph node involvement. Had a 8 week wait for a FISH result as it was HER2 +/- borderline to come back then more waiting for the Oncotype DX score to come back which unfortunately was a lot higher than expected and taking all my scores on the doors into account and family history, has led to me starting chemo, grrrreat! That was a bit of a shock as had not expected it as my Consultant had said “I think it is highly unlikely you will need chemotherapy”, hmmmmm! Definitely feeling more positive now though having started and hoping this will annihilate anything else lurking and prevent further recurrence:)))

How are you all feeling? So far, I’ve had the odd tired spell but not toooo bad but know that could change, felt OK but have felt like I’ve got permanent wretched morning sickness (long time since I’ve had that, lol) and everything tastes horrible. I have managed to do pilates, a gym class with rest half way through as am getting wheezy and was tired and a good several miles walk with friends, not sure if this will continue though so trying to pace myself for once and make the most of it. The worst symptom so far has been, sorry, maybe tmi but not being able to go to the loo! Those tablets really bung you up and the medication I was given didn’t do a thing! Anyway, my new top tip on this one if you need it, is am now best friends with a bag of dried prunes, that’s done the trick! 

I still have hair after a week and a bit but am not cold capping, does anyone know when this starts to go? Have my new barnet ready to go:))) One other little tip I’ll just mention and I don’t know if this is going to help long term, will find out but I’ve been using Primelash eyelash growth serum for a while now (good for “older” eyelashes, I’m 59) but is good for regrowth after chemo, a friend swears by it. I’m sploshing it on my eyelashes and eyebrows, so will see if it helps them me keep them, am a very optimistic bunny so hope so!

Sorry for the long winded post, I’m good at that! Big hugs and loves to us all going through this journey, especially you younger girls, wish I could hug each and everyone one of you, have a friend who is 39 going through this too, just been told she’s in remission? Take care xxxx

Hi all, am reaching out for a hand hold this morning. Not in a good place. 3rd time diagnosis with triple negative BC. Had mastectomy with reconstuction end January and just started chemo this week. Was really hesitant about it having been here twice before. 

Am now questioning every single twinge, heartbeat, ache and pain. It’s consuming my every thought which I know isn’t good 

Usually am strong and positive, but can’t get out of this rut. Will it ease up a bit? 

Thank you