March rads ??

Anyone going to start a March thread ???

Good question, I was just thinking the same. I am having my first rads this afternoon and would be great to do this with others rather than on my own. 


First of 20 sessions ladies (including a week’s boost, lucky me!), I am hoping that the time will go as quickly as possible and also aiming to treat myself with nice things to look forward to each day. 


Anyone else want to chat on here going through the same?



Good luck with your first one Lizzie,must be others starting about now.

Oh, how nice to find someone doing this at almost exactly the same time :slight_smile: Hopefully we can keep one another sane.

Yes, all went well today. The staff were lovely and although setting up took a while I now have a card to swipe in and out of the unit so hopefully should be quick from now on. I felt a bit tired and nauseous straight afterwards but only mild and it didn’t last long. My husband is the one asleep on the sofa tonight, LOL!


My treat for today was shopping, tomorrow I hopefully have a friend going with me so we will go for a coffee on the way to the hospital. 1 down, 19 to go!

Good evening ladies. I have had rads number 4 today out of 15.
Not too bad at moment just a bit warm :).
As I don’t think I have spoken to you ladies before a quick run down - grade 3 IDC, mx and ANC followed by chemo FEC-T and now having 15 radios :).

How’s it going ladies?

Hi Lizzieb, as you have said cancer is cancer. Yes we all have different variations and different treatments, but we all have to deal with the psychological side and that’s the hard bit. I am 40 and people keep telling me I am now cured!!! They just don’t understand :slight_smile:
Chin up we can do this with the support of those who know xxx

Hope everyone had a good weekend and Mother’s Day. The sun is shining again today and I’m leaving shortly for my rads. I was trying to think of a treat for today but feel as though I have already had several: a friend sent me a “tough cookie” card of encouragement this morning, another texted me to organise coffee and a third work friend reminded me that I am skiving out of a really boring monthly team meeting this afternoon (I’m lucky as signed off all month). Perhaps I will stop at the supermarket on my way home and get something nice for tea so that I don’t need to think too hard about that today. 


Just one question for anyone that might know… the nerve endings in my arm have been numb and tingly over the weekend, like they were following surgery. Is this likely to be related to the radiotherapy or have I just been wearing the wrong bra / overdoing things? 

Morning , I have just had blast number 6 :).
My arm is also hurting but I had my surgery in August. I have been advised to do my exercises again.
Just struggling to lift my toddler :frowning: .

Hope you are ok xx

Yes I have a chocolate and jelly supply :slight_smile: all we can do is keep up the exercises and keep taking the pain killers. I am sure once we finish it will ease.
I felt hardly any pain in my arm during chemo but it seems to be getting its own back.

Never mind keep counting them down xxxx

Yay, end of the week and I’m celebrating with a glass of wine… It’s been a good day today, a friend took me to the hospital and we had lunch on the way. Am also finding that getting into the radiotherapy routine is quite friendly now as I generally see the same other faces at the hospital each day and I’ve started chatting to a couple of others (2 men, mouth cancer and prostrate cancer, always there at the same time as me). We exchange pleasantries and smile knowingly at one another as we count down the days until we all finish.


How are the rest of you doing? Hope all well. Has anyone else started rads this week? I have now done 7, so 13 to go. The nerve endings in my arm are sore and my boob has a bit of a red tinge underneath tonight, but otherwise I’m holding up OK. Looking forward to some rest but I’m sure the kids will have other plans…


Have a good weekend everyone :slight_smile:

Hi Lizzie,

I am good too. I have met lots of lovely people and have made a few friends. I have 5 more to go :).
I am very sore and my arm is hurting as I guess it’s trying to repair.

Think I may have a wine too xx

Hi Lizzie, can I ask what your terms WLE and SNB mean? I have a lumpectomy on Wednesday 2.5 cms in size and lymph node. They think I will need 3 weeks of radiotherapy but until I have results of HER2 unsure on chemo. Was this the same as you? I am praying I don’t need chemo xx

Hi Clarey. I ended up with full mx and as snb was positive had a full node removal. I am HER2+ so had 6 lots of chemo. It is hard but totally doable. I am now 10/15 through rads then I am on herceptin for a year and hormones for 10 years. My advice is take it in chunks and do t worry about things ahead. You seen to find a strength that you never knew existed inside of you. Good luck xxx

Hope everyone is getting on well with their treatment. Ange, you must be nearly done by now :slight_smile: I will be halfway through tomorrow and holding up OK other than the nerve pain in my arm and a bit of tenderness in my breast.


Today, though, has been a nightmare. I went into the hospital early for a boost mark-up which was meant to be at 1:30 before my rads at 2:30. My usual oncologist was meant to do this but he had gone home sick so I had to wait around whilst they found someone else. Unlike my onc, this woman was unfriendly and patronising (I wanted to understand the treatment, risks and benefits, she seemed to have no time for this). Then… the flippin’ machine broke down so we couldn’t even do the mark-up!


I spent 3hrs at the hospital today and came away having had just my normal rads. Ugh, I have to go back and do it all again on Thursday. :frowning:


My treat today - a whopping great big bar of chocolate. And I have eaten it all!! Think I maybe need a glass of wine later too xx


PS - Info on the benefits of radiotherapy boost are online here if anyone like me wants to actually opt in and understand what is being done to their poor body during treatment and why:  )




Yep you are right only 3 days left. Just had herceptin 5 they had trouble with my port so I hurt now :frowning: never mind neatly there xxx

Ange, are you done? If I remember correctly, I think today is your last one. Hope you are feeling OK and that all going well. I’m suddenly feeling in need of the break this weekend. x

Hi and thanks for your reply. I don’t know how to skip to the thread I last posted yet, seems to take me an age to get back to find it?
Anyway the op was a bit traumatic tbh, waiting until 3.30 pm to get to theatre, then couldn’t get a vein. Then it they wouldn’t discharge me as heart rate was high so spent night in with only 2 hrs sleep. Then found out my consultant had been away(after surgery had been done) and her registra had done op. A man of very few words shall be say with not an ounce of bedside manor! Discharged myself on Thurs lunchtime as no idea when he was going to come and see me after op!
Feeling very emotional since op and sleep is all over place, hideous dreams. The only saving grace has been the breast care nurses who managed to calm me down yesterday on the phone. Pain not too bad after op though, uncomfortable and stinking armpit is all! Trying to find dressings that remain waterproof- don’t want to look underneath really yet!! Results 5th April , just praying its radio only.

Thank you for this, my diagnosis seems similar except mine is 2.5 cms. They suggested 15 radiotherapy blasts may be all I need but obviously can’t confirm until results. Petrified of chemo and how it will make me look, but don’t want to be given the choice either! So low after op, hence on this at 3.45 am.

Hi again, more questions sorry. Is the side effect of Tamoxifen hot flushes? How long do you take it for? I have also read poss Wright gain? Lost 3 stones before my diagnosis, still too big and really can’t afford to gain anymore ?

Hi Clarey,you are bound to feel rubbish if you only had your op on Wednesday,the effects of general anaesthetic and not sleep combined will make you feel anxious and low.The middle of the night is the worst time your mind can’t help but wander to dark places.Try and put what happens next to the back of your mind for a couple of weeks and recover from your op.Good chance you are now cancer free and that any further treatment is a preventative measure .Most women will now take Tamoxifen for 10 years.Hot flushes are pretty common side effect and weight gain can be a feature but to be honest I don’t think I have gained any weight after 8 months on it.Like Ange said try and deal with this in chunks ,don’t think too far ahead or it become overwhelming .Jill.