March to save the NHS - 17th May

Kill Lansley’s Bill - March to save the NHS

Tuesday 17th May 2011
5:30pm to 7:30pm

University College Hospital, Gower Street, London, WC1 (tube: Euston/Euston Sq/Warren St)

March from UCH to Whitehall

HI there, any idea who its organised by? Nicola

It’s been organised by a an organisation called Coalition of Resistance, which consists of MP’s, Trade unions and individual supporters. The march will , predominantly be hospital staff, MP’s, Trade Unionists and supporters.
For more info on the Coalition of Resistance, please see Guardian Article (link below).



Can’t get there myself that day but bumping for others

Thanks Julie. Also just want to assure people that this rally is not Party political - it’s for anyone interested in the NHS.
I posted this because I know some people on here are concerned about cuts - I’m not banner-waving as someone has suggested in another post (actually I think the three main Parties are probably as bad as each other).

Hi Lemongrove I’m not up on politics,all I know is that we are in a bit of a mess(bit of a understatement lol) and the priorities of trying to get the country out of this mess seem very wrong to me.I didn’t read your first post as being political or scaremongering.We ALL need the NHS.

There are many posts,threads on here that are not directly about BC
so I don’t see what the problem is.

Thanks for posting this.


Hi Stressy Messy. One of the reasons I posted is that the County where I live has been the first to implement the Govt Health reforms, and this has already had an impact on cancer services - for example the chemo unit in our local hospital is now now only open a couple of times a week, and they have reduced staffing in the radiotherapy unit so much that patients are having to travel to the Marsden for treatment.
I am not being political just for the sake of it (as another thread has said), but politics is interfering with our NHS, and our treatment.

I’ve noticed that people are having to wait much longer than the 2 week referral and the wait between surgery and starting treatment is past the 4/6 weeks mark.

I was treated at the Marsden in Sutton 3+ years ago and it was always very busy so goodness knows how it will be now.A massive knock-on effect, we all will suffer for it.It’s disgusting that patients should be made to travel miles to get treatment.
Like I said priorities all wrong.


Just a reminder

Given the Royal College of GPs fears expressed today that Lansley’s plans could “unravel and dismantle” the NHS, the weight of NON PARTY POLITICAL authority opposing this bill is mounting daily.

The RCGP’s report approves of some of the changes but in total they are deeply concerned that this will spell the end of the NHS as we know it.

You can register opposition to Lansley’s Bill by signing the petition at 38degrees - the text of which reads:

Our NHS is precious - we won’t forgive you if you ruin it

Don’t break up our health service and hand it to private healthcare companies
Listen to the the real experts - doctors, nurses and patients - when they give warnings about these plans
Don’t rush through massive changes without testing them properly first
Protect patient care - don’t cut beds, wards, doctors or nurses

Thank you.

Thanks msmolly for this focus on the growing concern over government plans from the medical profession that cares for us…
38 degrees did a great job highlight the need to preserve our access to woodlands so it’s good to see the NHS issue now being emphasised.


The devil is always in the detail and I wonder how many people are truly informed about the content of Lansley’s Bill.

Let us take BCNs for an example. I certainly can’t imagine going through all of this without mine.

The Bill proposes that services within the NHS are farmed out to charities or private companies.
The role of the BCN would be a typical starting point for this new approach as they are not front line nursing staff.
So instead of having a well-trained specialist BCN whose hard work and expertise and years of training are rewarded with pay we might get a well meaning amateur (if we were lucky - surely this approach is going to exacerbate the postcode lottery problem not reduce it.)
Worse than the well meaning amateur we might find our BCNs replaced by a private company whose priority (as with all private companies) is profit margin and responsibility to share holders.
But I suspect that neither of those things will happen and we will lose the role of BCNs altogether.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who supports the Health & Social Care Bill and why they support it.

I would remind people that this is non party political.
Opposition to the Bill has come from the British Medical Association, the Royal Society of GPs and the Royal College of Nursing to name but 3.

Thank you MSMolly. Would also like to stress that the BMA, the Royal College of Nursing. Royal Society of GP’s and six other health Unions have come out in opposition to the Health Service Reforms - and these are hardy far left organisations. For those interested in the BMA point of view, please see the link below.

I just find it crazy that cancer patients want to squabble amongst themselves about whether the forum should or shouldn’t promote events to defend the NHS, while the NHS is being dismantled all around us. Surely, we should all be sticking together.

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Just bumping to remind peeps.