I’m very sorry to say Marilyn, marilf, has passed away.

She helped so many other others here and showed how you could still live a good life after a secondary diagnosis.

I last saw Marilyn this summer, by the sea.

She will be missed by many. Belinda.



Dear Belinda

May I pass on our sincere condolences from all of us here at Breast Cancer Care to Marilyn’s family and friends


So sad to read this.


RIP Marilyn


Thanks for letting us know Belinda. Hope you are ok ?

Julie x

This is sad news indeed.  I never met Marilyn, but I write as one of the many users of this forum who were encouraged by her postings.

May she live on in many people’s memories.

Thankyou for letting us know about Marilyns death. She gave so much hope to so many people starting capecitabine…me included. Condolences to her family. RIP Marilyn. Pamx aka herbgarden.

This is very sad news. I really thought that Marilyn could be one of the rare exceptions who get to die of old age, not this bl***y disease. Wishing strength and comfort to her family and all those who loved Marilyn. May she rest now in peace.

Thanks for letting us know, Belinda.

I heard yesterday, and send my condolences to Marilyn’s partner and family. She was one of the original Manchester Cupcakes… there aren’t many left. She was so knowledgeable and supportive, to everyone. may she rest in peace.


I thought Marilyn was going to go on forever, she was proactive in getting our cupcake meetings organised.
Loved talking to her about Jewish culture and Israel, hope I can go again and put a prayer for her in the Western Wall.
Thinking of Di and Marilyn’s family.
RIP dear friend xx

I am a primary lady who followed Marilyn on twitter, was hugely inspired by her and carried a ribbon with her name on at the Blenheim Pink Ribbon walk this year. May she rest in peace free from pain.

S x

I am so very sad at Marilyns passing our Xeloda Queen touched many peoples hearts and helped and supported lots of women on this site, she will be truely missed but not forgotten.

Thank you for letting us know Belinda, if you are in touch with her partner can you pass on our love and condolences and let her know how important and well loved Marilyn was here. I’m glad they spent the last hours together.

Bless you Marilyn, RIP xx

On live chat tonight we will light a candle for Marilyn at 9.00pm, if anyone else would like to join us or just light a candle even if your not on live chat. Marilyn touched so many of us.

I’m going to light loads of candles!

Love Sue x

I am wondering if this is the same Marilyn I knew from another forum.  She was originally American, Jewish and has a life partner.  I think her surname is Fletcher … actually looking at her on Twitter I think this must be her.  SOB, scream, cry, RIP Marilyn.


Vicki xxx