marina coil and breast cancer


I am new to all those scary stuff, I  have  read that there is no real connection having a, Marian coil, and breast cancer, but have been advised that my cancer is oestrogen based and to remove the coil asap, has anyone else found this?


I think if I have reason why, it is,easier to come to terms with? Finding it very difficult having my life in limbo, I feel like my body has been invaded, but trying to remain calm and positive, have been told they have caught it early, s o I am keeping busy until I have my procedure on 19/08 which feels like a life time away ,

thank you for reading

Hi Kmb welcome to our horrible little club.


the waiting is the absolute worst time. You are feeling fine but know what’s to come. The mind is a powerful thing and takes you places you don’t want to go.


the subject of the coil has come up several times before and you should be able to find old threads on it. The cancer research web site has a study on it and they said there is no evidence that it causes bc. However the hormones feed hormone positive bc the same way hrt does. So you need a different type of coil.  


Most of us have played the ‘blame game’ in the beginning. I think it’s all part of the ‘why me game’ that we play at stupid o’clock when we can’t sleep.i have tormented myself with several decisions I have made in my past which  may have incresed my chances of getting bc. Mine was also caught early and the treatments I received were not nearly as bad as I thought they would be.


I hope you will keep posting and get answers that help.


take care



I think it’s a natural human reaction to these kinds of things to search for the reason ‘why’ these things are happening to us. I don’t think it’s just about finding something to blame… if we can find the culprit, then we can stop it happening again. I have read about oestrogen levels in milk and dairy products and pondered the same kind of questions.

Unfortunately I think, in the vast majority of cases, there is no explanation. The human body is fallible and things mess up. Our cells spontaneously start doing things they’re not supposed to… and we find ourselves here.

Unless we have a definite ‘why’, such as genetics, I don’t think that is is helpful to dwell too much on the question. It can only lead to feelings of self recrimination and ‘if only’s’. Could we have eaten healthier? Exercised more? Not used that antiperspirant? Drank less wine? Had less stress?.. the list of possible culprits are endless.

Coming to terms with having BC is a slow process… and one that I am still far from reaching. Thankfully, I found this forum and it all became a whole lot easier to deal with.

Hugs. Mel x